Task Group on Anthropometric Data and Engineering

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Task Group on Anthropometric Data and Engineering
This CODATA Task Group plans to create the World Engineering Anthropometry Resource (WEAR), which will unify the data representations and allow easy access to the latest 3D surface anthropometric data from all over the world, and traditional anthropometric data. In addition fit and accommodation information, analytic and software tools, and guidance or intelligent agents for using the information effectively will be provided. This resource must be 1) accessible to many people at the same time and to many different types of users, 2) current, and accurate, providing the correct solution for the task at hand, 3) permit the user to acquire the correct information quickly, 4) include the full scope of engineering anthropometry information from traditional measurements to 3-D fit maps and 5) provide all this with as little effort for the user as possible.
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Ongoing from 00/11/04 to 00/10/06
U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology

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