Believing in and working with the World Telecommunication Development Conference

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Believing in and working with the World Telecommunication Development Conference
CHI has drafted 5 resolutions for WTDC. These have been proposed by the following sector members – Aruba, Korea, Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam, in their respective regional WTDC meetings. The 5 Resolutions requests ITU to: • Request member state parties’ to pass a resolution stating that the Telecommunications Development Bureau (BDT) recognises the importance of children in the telecoms agenda as they form a key group of future telecom users, and that child helplines can be used as a strategy to reach out to more children and young people. • Request member state parties’ to issue a three or four-digit toll-free number for each respective country’s child helpline. This number can be the universal access number earmarked for children, similar to emergency services numbers currently offered in many countries and should be accessible from both landline and mobile phones. • Provide links for strategic tie-ups between Sector Members and CHI. Sector Members can support the global child helpline movement as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes (CSR). • Ensure that Sector members work with CHI to develop a Global Portal for children. • Recognise CHI as the coordinating agency for member helplines and to sign a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CHI and ITU. The decisions and actions taken at the WTDC in Doha (Qatar) in March 2006 can shape the development of global telecommunications and the position of children and young people therein. CHI hopes to work with ITU towards a world where telecommunication allows children to be heard one-by-one and, through their collective voice, fulfill their rights and true potential and to shape the world.
International implementation
Ongoing from April 2005 to March 2006
Child helplines in partnership with the Sector Members from from Aruba, Korea, Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam

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