Web Accessibility Project

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APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TEL)
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Web Accessibility Project
At APEC TEL28 in Chinese Taipei, a seminar was held to discuss the issues surrounding website accessibility and usability in APEC and its member economies. This site is the result of that workshop. Simply put, accessibility means providing access – making products and services available to, and usable by, everyone. Accessibility is about removing barriers. A more accessible environment benefits everyone – including people with disabilities and those without. All people benefit from an environment in which it is easier and safer to move and function. Ensuring accessibility is another way of accepting and encouraging diversity in our society.
Regional implementation
Completed from 01/03/2003 to 30/04/2004

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* Access to information and knowledge
* Capacity building
* ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life
  • Eradicate poverty and hunger
  • Achieve Universal Primary Education
  • Project
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