Free Open Source Programmes as a Means to Bridge the Digital Gap and a Tool to Serve the Information Society

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ALECSO (The Arab League, Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization)
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Free Open Source Programmes as a Means to Bridge the Digital Gap and a Tool to Serve the Information Society
The project aims at 1) Conducting a general survey about identifying open source programmes that are available in the Arab region, especially with respect to production, Arabization and application.The survey will mainly include i) Educational and Training Institutions ii) Other relevant Governmental Institutions iii) Research Institutions iv) Services Sectors v) Regional and International bodies in the Arab countries 2) Making available the existing Arab experience in the field of open source programmes at all possible levels 3) Securing a list of all possible open source users in the Arab countries for future contacts 4) Establishing inter-cooperation standards between open source users in the Arab countries, in order to determine priorities of translating the existing open source programmes into Arabic, in addition to determining cooperation mechanism in this respect at the national and international levels. Execution will include a) organization of an expert regional seminar. The experts will be entrusted with offering a 5 year plan, built on priorities and a set of objectives and purposes that are suitable for the Arab region b) Offering financial support to cooperative research, relating to selected fields. This support is aimed at developing and Arabizing open source programmes c)Distribution of the Arabized versions of open source programmes free of charge to concerned bodies and individuals.
Regional implementation
Planned for future from 01/02/2005 to 01/11/2005
Concerned institutions in the Arab countries, UNESCO regional office in Cairo and relevant civil society bodies in the Arab region

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