2017 Forum programme

Partner Session
IoT & Smart Cities: Large Scale Pilots & International Perspectives
Monday, September 25, 2017, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Room 106

The IoT era has brought in its wake the proliferation of ICT-based devices which hold the promise of cultivating secure service delivery chains, while still providing quality assurance at a low cost. Smart cities have been recognized as an upcoming market for IoT. The smart city concept itself is aimed at improving the city's operational efficiency and increasing the emerging portfolio of available smart devices to integrate cyber-physical systems and homogenize existing ICT solutions to improve the overall quality of urban life. However, such evolution must overcome barriers such as the lack of interoperability and the need to ensure privacy and data protection. In keeping with this development, a novel, and interdisciplinary ecosystem based on the intertwining of the smart city and IoT concept has being growing. Initiatives such as Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) are bringing together smart cities fromall over the world. The creation of such an ecosystem is facilitated by the implementation of large-scale smart city pilot projects, such as Synchronicity, bringing together 11 cities from three continents. Such projects are predicated on the adoption of innovative IoT-enabled smart city solutions within a harmonized ecosystem where ICT device manufacturers, system integrators and solution providers can freely experiment and lay the foundation for establishing a reference architecture with identified interoperability points, interfaces and data models.

This session discusses the role of large-scale pilots to support convergence and interoperability in IoT platforms and services across the world. It will present examples of pioneering large-scale pilots developed in variousregions in order to discuss the needs and potential for global standards and data interoperability among smart cities. This sessionwill also consider areas of cooperation to address common challenges, such as privacy and data protection.  More generally, itwill present initiatives and strategies to bring together smart cities and SDOs, such as the ITU, to facilitate the creation of an innovative and inclusive environment for the growth and judicious expansion of IoT technologies.

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