2017 Forum programme

SME programme
SME Masterclass Part 1: Diagnosis and Deconstruction
Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM, Room 203

Objective: support participating firms to better communicate the core value proposition of their business (and KPIs), and develop materials for use when pitching to prospective deal-makers or investors, or for use internally.

Studies reveal the average human attention span to be as short as two minutes. Firms that cannot capture interest within this short space of time risk being overlooked or rejected. A good pitch should be attention grabbing, and leave the audience curious for more information.

Pitch Decks have become essential for modern business, by providing information in a visual and attractive way which is easily understandable to any reader. They are ideally suited to being shared and disseminated, which increases their reach and their impact, both externally and within the firm.

“I’ve put together, advised, consulted and reviewed thousands of pitch decks. I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly. When used correctly, it’s an indispensable tool. The key is understanding that all the presentations have to move people. Until you are able to objectively see what works what doesn’t, it will be very difficult or more likely impossible to you to communicate  a strong and effective message.” Richard Wnuk (Workshop Mentor)

This workshop will help participating firms to deconstruct their business model to build the right communications messaging and visuals depending on the audience. The session will explore the best and worst practices in pitch deck construction,and support firms in building their repertoire of comms messaging. It will be hosted in an intimate classroom environment conducive to interaction and ideation. Several mentors and coaches will be available to support firms during this process, and help them to highlight to core value of their products and services.


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