2017 Forum programme

Side Event
Technological innovation and exponential change: empowering collective action to meet the SDGs- organized by UN Office of ICT
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM, Room 204

The world is in the midst of an innovation renaissance. Significant innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, big data, biotech, drones, space exploration, 3D printing, FinTech, digital medicine and genetic engineering are dramatically changing our everyday lives. The power of technology, once exclusively limited to big governments and industry, is now being democratized in the hands of ordinary citizens everywhere. This roundtable discussion on technology innovation will provide an opportunity for leading innovators, thought-leaders and technology companies to explore how to increase the understanding and awareness of the opportunities and challenges of new technology and exponential change. It aims to rally leading innovators and technology companies to develop, incubate and resource cutting-edge innovations to solve pressing challenges in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and to address the need for collaborative platforms to facilitate sharing best ideas and innovations to informpolicy and inspire collective action for global impact at scale.


  • Danil Kerimi, Head of Information Technology and Electronics Industries, World Economic Forum, New York 


  • Banh Dinh-huy, Director, UN Office of ICT Asia-Pacific, Bangkok
  • Marc Lepage, Knowledge and Innovation advisor, UNDP Africa, Addis-Ababa
  • Ozzeir Khan, Head, UN Tech Innovation Lab, New York
  • Ms.Claudette Irere, Director general, Ministry of ICT, Republic of Rwanda
  • Afiq Johar, Executive director, Magic - Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity centre, Kuala Lumpur


 This session is open to all participants.

Sponsor 1200101644 on session C-00003535.