2017 Forum programme

SME programme
Boosting investor confidence in emerging and frontier markets
Monday, September 25, 2017, 4:45 PM - 6:00 PM, Room 101-102

The financial services industry plays a crucial role in enabling tech MSMEs. Bankers, fund managers and investors provide much needed access to cash and credit lines required by entrepreneurs to develop their products and services, hire skilled workers and scale their activities. Indeed, regular cash injections provide an essential runway for early stage firms who may be pre-revenue or not yet fully profitable. Lack of access to capital, especially follow-on growth capital, is regularly cited by entrepreneurs in emerging and frontier markets as one of the key barriers to growing their businesses.

This panel will address the considerations made by prospective investors when identifying companies and markets to enter. How can we enable better on access to follow-on funding in emerging markets? Is country-level (systemic) risk more important than firm specific risk, and how are these assessed? How do investors weigh opportunities, and determine the feasibility of exits in markets where an IPO or an acquisition are less likely? How can leading stakeholders better enable investor confidence, and create a virtuous cycle of investment, growth, exits and re-investment in their domestic ecosystems?


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