2017 Forum programme

Partner Session
The 4th Industrial Revolution and ICT Policy Considerations
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 4:30 PM - 5:50 PM, Room 205

The leadership role of government will be critical in realising the potential of the 4th industrial revolution throughout the digital economy. This will include policy and initiatives on cross-sector regulation, standardization, security, data privacy and industrial development. In this session representatives will introduce policy direction in a range of areas connected to the 4th industrial revolution, including new ICT technologies, research and development investment, capacity building, employment, and industrial growth. High-level representatives will explore policy directions and government initiatives to stimulate the development of the nextindustrial revolution, and all the socio-economic benefits it brings, from the perspective of the private sector. What government policies can best support job creation and economic growth in the coming era of the 4th industrial revolution?

Session 3 : The 4th Industrial Revolution and ICT Policy Considerations
16:30~17:50 Maikel Wilms (Director, BCG)
  Bilel Jamoussi(Chief of the Study Groups Department, ITU)
- The 4th Industrial Revolution and ICT Policy Considerations
  Bernardo Sarmiento(Director, Trade, Investment & Innovation Department, UNIDO)
  Gae Iyong Choi (ExecutiveDirector, KISDI)
- The Market Mechanism of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  Discussion and Q&A
17:50~18:00 Closing

Session to be organized by the KoreanMinistry of Science and ICT, aspart of the International Conference for Science andICT

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