2017 Forum programme

Partner Session
The 4th Industrial Revolution and Global Trends
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 10:00 AM - 11:40 AM, Room 205

The 4th Industrial Revolution integrates manufacturing with cutting-edge ICT technologies and solutions to provide customized products of high quality and at low cost. Smart manufacturers are using tools and technologies such as robots, augmented reality and self-organizing production to complete overturn current practices and revolutionize factories. In this session, high-level representatives from governments and international organizations will discuss the main trends of the 4th industrial revolution and the approaches, initiatives and priorities of different nations. What are the main benefits to economies and societies? How will the introduction - or acceleration - of the 4th industrial revolution impact on national policies and the global economy? How can the unprecedented opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution be addressed by working together across nations, organizations and sectors? What trends and directions are emerging amongst international organizations and governments playing leading roles globally?

10:00~10:05 Opening Speech Chang Whan Ma (Deputy Minister, MSIT)
10:05~10:10 Welcome Speech Jae-min Park (Vice Mayor for Administrative Affairs, Busan Metropolitan City)
10:10~10:15 Congratulatory Speech Brahima Sanou (Director of BDT,ITU)
Session 1 : The 4th Industrial Revolution and Global Trends
10:15~11:40 Danil Kerimi (Head of IT and Electronics Industries, WEF)
- The 4th Industrial Revolution and Global Trends
  Lorrayne Porciuncula (Analyst on Broadband Policy, OECD)
  Howon Kim (Professor, Pusan National University)
  Discussion and Q&A

Session to be organized by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, as part of the International Conference for Science and ICT

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