2017 Forum programme

Panel Session
New trends in spectrum management
Monday, September 25, 2017, 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM, Room 101-102

As a critical natural resource for communications, spectrum is a powerful enabler of socio-economic development. But spectrum is also a limited resource, hotly contested by a range of different communications industries, vertical sectors, specialized users and interest groups. Governments and regulators in charge of allocating spectrum on a local and national basis must also consider a complex equation of social and policy factors, in addition to technological developments, strategies for economic growth and intense industry lobbying. The success of smart digital transformation depends to a great extent on the allocation of available spectrum and the viability of collaborative approaches to spectrum sharing. How can meeting consumer demands for mobile services be balanced against the needs of other spectrum users in the broadcasting, satellite or emergency communications sectors? How important is predictability of spectrum availability in accelerating 5G deployment – and how will differing speeds of 5G development in different regions impact on spectrum resources? What is the role of spectrum in enabling IoT and the smart services it supports to flourish and evolve? What models of collaboration, spectrum sharing or co-primary allocation have proved most successful to date? How are countries advancing in the implementation of the outcomes of WRC-15? What issues will be key for WRC-19?


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