2017 Forum programme

Panel Session
AI in smart cities: power, potential, ethics and education
Monday, September 25, 2017, 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM, Room 101-102

Smart cities are powered by data, collected, generated and connected by a complex network of IoT applications and solutions. As IoT and AI advances, machines continue to learn, improve and make calculated decisions, drawing on the enormous data sets of billions of IoT connected objects to create a continuously-evolving ecosystem of intelligent devices. By accurately measuring and assessing progress in the building of smart city ecosystems, AI can provide the missing link between theory and practice, enabling new urban living applications and solutions, and scaling up smart public services. How will the use of AI directly impact on mobility, public safety or city planning? Can designing a reward/punish model accelerate AI learning on urban lives? What are the regulatory and security implications of a greater AI presence in our daily lives? Do we need standardized ethics on public services, and if so, how can they be agreed and established? What is the future of human-machine interaction and collaboration, and how can we educate and prepare the next generation for the changes to come?

Session part of ITU-T’s Smart ABC Programme


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