2017 Forum programme

Plenary Session
Developing human capacity for the digital era
Thursday, September 28, 2017, 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM, Room 201-202

As digital technologies expand across all areas of industry and society, new services, business models and jobs are being created and introduced into the market, calling for new skills amongst both the workforce and ordinary citizens. The changing skills profile of the digital economy means that serious capacity shortages are likely in the near future. Without the ability to use ICT solutions and applications, global citizens remain excluded from the digital economy and the opportunities it presents for employment, empowerment and social benefit. Reducing the e-skills gap is essential to enable as many people as possible to take advantage of digital transformation and open the doors to opportunity. ICT training providers need to monitor the skills needed in the digital economy, providing relevant solutions, continuous training and lifelong learning programmes for all categories of users. This session will explore the new and emerging skills requirements of the digital era, and how training providers such as ITU Centres of Excellence can best address these skills challenges.  Can digital technologies create capacity building opportunities, and how can we leverage those opportunities? What policies and programmes have nations put in place to equip their nationals with digital skills and ensure national digital inclusion? How can we ensure that the challenge of capacity building in the digital era is a shared responsibility amongst all key stakeholders?  Will participating in the digital economy be a source of empowerment?


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