2016 Forum programme

Panel Session
The connected car: freeway to the future or trouble on the road?
Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM, Jupiter 8-9

Intelligent transport systems and self-driving vehicles are fast moving towards widespread commercialization, with higher levels of automation on the road expected by 2020. While automotive digital technology has been focused on optimizing the internal functions of cars or on the use of sensor technologies for the monitoring and identification of objects near vehicles, recent attention is shifting towards developing communication technologies that integrate cars with smart devices via the Internet. The increasingly important role played by software in vehicles is also driving structural adjustments in the traditional automotive industry, bringing significant disruption from new players such as communication technology companies and App developers. As demand for connected cars grows, questions have arisen concerning safety and security, especially focused on driver distraction, the fallibility of the system in self-driving cars, and trusting information from connected cars.

This session will examine the current status and possible future scenarios of vehicle communications, and discuss the emerging issues involved in automated driving from the perspectives of different stakeholder groups: car manufacturers and suppliers, technology companies, OS/App developers, and governments, focused on core opportunities and challenges/obstacles of connectivity, security, safety, liability, publicpolicy and consumer acceptance. 

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