2017 Forum programme

Kiki Rizki
 Kiki Rizki

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Nurbaya Initiative


Kiki Rizki is Nurbaya Initative’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. Nurbaya Initiative is the first Indonesian technology start up that focuses its core capability to develop a full and turnkey solution for Indonesian SMEs and bridge economic digital divide by creating a digital ecosystem for Indonesian SMEs where their products can be sold online in marketplaces without expecting the SMEs themselves to understand the inner working of the internet.

Prior to overseeing Nurbaya Initiative’s strategy, Kiki’s admission and her passion for creativity and media, driven her as Grab’s CMO and are reflected in the company’s groundbreaking marketing campaigns. Creativity is only half the equation, as under Kiki’s leadership, Grab has successfully disrupt the shift from conventional transportation to digital by deploying a comprehensive set of offline and digital marketing strategies, establishing a strong Indonesian insight-driven culture and setting a template for marketing’s strategic impact on the industry. With ample years of experience in building strong branding for start ups like Grab and Mig33, Kiki is well equipped to deliver Nurbaya Initiative's mission to bring Indonesian SMEs to the next level by utilizing the most approachable technologysolution for Indonesian SMEs.