2017 Forum programme

Sungzoon Cho
 Sungzoon Cho

Director, Data Mining Center
Seoul National University


Sungzoon Cho is professor of Industrial Engineering Department and the director of Data Mining Center at Seoul National University. He is also on the editorial board of Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems and International Journal of Cognitive Biometrics. He served as the chair of the Big Data subcommittee on theGovernment3.0 Committee of Korean government and the president of Korea Business Intelligence Data Mining Society. His main areas of research include big data, text mining, machine learning and anomaly detection as well as their applications in manufacturing, marketing, finance, and biometrics.

He has published over 150 articles. He obtained several patents from US and Korea and helped develop two commercial software products. The companies he has been advising in the area of data analytics include Manufacturers (Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, LG Electronics and SK Hynix) and credit card companies (Shinhan, Kookmin, Hyundai and Samsung).He advised 12 PhD and 60 Master students as of September 2015.

He received BS and MS in industrial engineering from Seoul National University, MS in computer science from University of Washington, and PhD in computer science from University of Maryland inthe area of machine learning.