2017 Forum programme

Sachio Yamamoto
 Sachio Yamamoto

Chief, Project Planning & Marketing Department
Welltool Co., Ltd.


Yamamoto Sachio is Chief of Project Planning & Marketing Department at Welltool.

He firstly started his carrier as aairport staff, and he found almost all international passengers worry about communication by foreign languages like Japanese. Moreover, even a bit language supports can make them be relieved, so he realized the world without language barrier will make the world much better and give people all over the world the win-win relationship.

After his first carrier, in order to create borderless world, he spent most of time on engaging in many projects which help peoples' communication , such as teaching Japanese and English to students, vitalization projects with welltool in Dubai, Hawaii, and Japan, and appealing '' how Welltool can help language barrier '' as public speaker of Welltool at exhibition events. He believes that Welltool can help people all over the world to communicate much easily, and Welltool will bring the world where everyone can help each other without language barrier.