2017 Forum programme

Yhuko Ogata
 Yhuko Ogata

Melody International Ltd.


Ms. Ogata's involvement with telemedicine began in 2000 with participation in the "Shikoku 4 Prefecture Electronic Medical Record Network Project" by the government.

She launched Mitla Co., Ltd., a developer of perinatal electronic medical record in 2002. She succeeded in commercializing the first perinatal electronic medical record in Japan, and the company achieved $8 million revenue with operating profit of 30% in 10 years.

In 2004, she participated in the K-MIX Project - Kagawa Telemedicine Network,a pioneering telemedicine initiative in Japan. In 2009, she was awarded "Japan Venture Awards 2009" by the government. "Japan Venture Awards" honors the management of high-minded start-up companies that conduct innovative and potential growth businesses and also contribute to the revitalization of the region. Later she left Mitla Co., Ltd. in order to challenge commercialization of the remotediagnosis system of the fetus.

In 2015, she founded "Melody International Ltd." with the corporate mission as "Providing safe and secure deliveries for all mothers around the World." Melody International is developing a remote mobile fetal monitoring equipment and its platform system for the world.