2017 Forum programme

Yoo-Shin Jung
 Yoo-Shin Jung

Korean Fintech Center


Jung Yooshin is the Chairman of Korea Fintech Center. Professor Jung of Sogang Business School has worked in the financial industry (capital market & venture capital market) for 28 years. Currently, he is also serving for ‘Fintech Supporting center’ as CEO, under the Financial Services Commission. Starting off with Daewoo Economic Research Institute, Professor Jung has successively experienced many positions, as head of IB sector in Daewoo Securities, vice-president of Shinhan Financial Investment Corporation, CEO of Standard Chartered Securities, Korea, and recently CEO of Korea Venture Investment Corporation, one of Korean government agencies. Professor Jung graduated from Seoul National University (BA, Economy), Sogang(MA, economics), Wharton School(MBA), Renmin University of China(MBA), and Kyonggi University(PhD, economics).