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Satoshi Amagai
 Satoshi Amagai

President & CEO
Mofiria Corporation


Satoshi (Steve) Amagai is the President & CEO of Mofiria Corporation. He has been leading Mofiria Corporation since its founding in December, 2010. The company was established through the Spinout from Sony Corporation. Mofiria bought out Sony’s unique and competitive Vein Authentication technology and its global business rights. Upon graduation, Satoshi joined Sony and worked more than 30 years in various divisions worldwide. His responsibilities covered from products planning, strategic business planning, and R&D human resources to top managements’ right arm.

Among other things, from 2000-2005, he was President of Entertainment Robot Company (ERC), which was one of Sony’s internal division companies. There he managed D&D (Development &Design), Sourcing & Manufacturing, Global Marketing & Sales, and Customer Relations and Support. ERC introduced AIBO, the world first autonomous entertainment pet-robot and produced QRIO, the world-first running biped humanoid robot.

Satoshi received his Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence and his BA in Control Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.