2017 Forum programme

Myung Won Raymond Jung
 Myung Won Raymond Jung

AKA Intelligence


MyungWon Raymond Jung is CEO at AKA that is working on the communication AI engine (i.e. Muse) and AI Robot (i.e. Musio). As a serial entrepreneur, he has worked for several technology based education and publication companies as well as investment companies. However, since the first time he encountered computer in the 2nd grade in the elementary school, he has always followed his passion for innovation and his own way ‘to be the change that we want to see in the world.’ Mr. Jung planned and co-founded the Hackers Education Group. The company is considered one of the leading companies in the publishing and educational fields in Korea. Recently, as a board member, he has been served for the Circle Foundation that is regarded as one of the largest social impact foundations in Korea. Also, he has worked for EOGF Partners in which he has led to invest in the innovative big data and AI based companies such as Noom inc, Ondemand Korea,and Deepbio.

He is a Ph.D candidate at G.T.U./University of California, Berkeley and received his masters at Yale University.