2017 Forum programme

Mohamed Madkour
 Mohamed Madkour

VP of Global Wireless Network Marketing
Huawei Technologies


Dr. Mohamed is VP Wireless Networks Marketing and Solution Sales Dept.
In his role, he manages the company’s global wireless branding and demand generation Department. He also serves as an advisor for Huawei’s wireless solutions strategy. He first joined Huawei USA in 2007 with the responsibility of managing the wireless marketing operation team. In 2013, he became the CTO, MBB solutions of Latin America Region. In 2014, he moved to Shenzhen to take on his current global responsibility.
Beside Huawei, Mohamed has held a number of senior positions in telecom industry as well as academia during his 20+ years of experience including Ericsson, Artel Inc. and Alexandria University. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.