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Birendra Sasmal
 Birendra Sasmal

Subah Holding Company Limited


Mr. Birendra Sasmal is the CEO of Subah group of companies and a member of the company Board of Directors. As CEO, he is responsible for managing Subah’s growth. Subah is a leading provider of global consulting, information technology and solution services provider. In his leadership, Subah’s employee base has grown from 6 to over 300. As a result of its strong growth, Subah has been named in EBA Oxford as African one of the trusted and Fastest Growing Tech Company. Also Falcon research has awarded Subah is the best Revenue Assurance Company in Africa. 

Recently, he is recognized as one of the top 25 successful telecom leaders in Africa.

Before starting Subah, Mr. Birendra has served as CEO and President for one of British Telecom Companies in South East Asia. Mr. Birendra has co-founded many Tech Companies in USA, UAE and India and served as a Board of Directors for various multinational companies. FusionTech is one of his cutting edge technology companies, which has been acquired by SafeguardScientific in year 2007.  

He is an industry leader involved in sponsoring community initiatives and various international forums such as CII, GASCOM, NASSCOM and ITU.  He has been invited by various Technology University to present his success and Technology Innovation topic. He holds bachelor degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from India, Fellow Alumniof Stanford Business School in USA.