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Satya N. Gupta
 Satya N. Gupta

Country Managing Director
Bluetown (India) Pvt. Ltd.


An International expert in NGN technologies, Regulation, Interconnection and Broadband policy with 35 years experience in all aspects of Telecom, including 25years with Govt. and Regulator, Satya N. Gupta is publicly recognized as an Analyst, Author, Advocate and Advisor on ICT related Policies, Projects and Business. Globally known as “NGNguru” he is a trainer and coach for telecommunication technologies, policy and regulation and a Govt. Affairs and Regulatory advocate. Author of "Everything over IP- All you want to know about NGN" and “Bandwidth Factory- Last mile as a Managed Service". He also authored a concept called “Job Factory- Converting Unemployment into Intraprenuership” which is being used to create jobs in rural India. His recent research based work , “Extra Mile- Walking the Talk on Rural Broadband Business”, brings out the innovative business model to Make it Happen. He Founded NGN Forum in India to spread awareness about NGN all-over.
Triple master in Electronic Technology, ICT Management and Telecom Regulation and Policy, joined Ministry of Communications in 1981 and Ministry of Railways in 1983, through Indian Engg, Services after Post Graduation in Electronics and Communication from IISc, Bangalore, the premium technical institute of India. Honored with the Railways Minister award during 1995-96 for outstanding performance for Delhi area Digitalisation project, he pioneered the concepts of NIXI, NIR, IPV6,Unlicensed Spectrum, VOIP, Broadband Policy, NGN and Railtel in the Country. Has been associated with International Telecommunication Union as NGN Expert and Commonwealth Telecom Organisation as NGN and Regulatory trainer. Also appointed as Vice -Rapporteur of SG1 of ITU-D dealing with NGN, Broadband and IPV6 migration.
Presently heading Bluetown’s, India operations with overall responsibility for “ Making It Happen” its Vision of “ Connecting the Unconnected people in Rural areas of the World”.