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Faculty of Applied Science of Post and Telecommunication

Faculty of ICT established in 1928. It is restructured in several phases based on educational requirements of National Communication Network. ICT faculty accepted students in the field of Communications Engineering (Switches and Transfer) In 1993, based on the authorization of the ministry of culture and higher education council. The major of Post and Post Bank are created in the following and renamed to "Faulty of Applied Science of Post and Telecommunication" in 1995.
Now a days, The faculty accept students in different educational levels from associated up to master degree . Applied Scientific Faculty of ICT over the post decade through a memorandum of understanding with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recognized the hub of spectrum management and one of the ITU and Asia Pacific training Center.
At the faculty many courses in the fields of ICT, virtually and campus based has been held for ICT managers and experts of the region.

CategoryEducation & Research
Based inIran (Islamic Republic of)
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Mr. Vahid Yazdaniyan