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Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Principles and Educational Objectives:
KIT's three principles are "cultivation of noble humanity", "significant technological innovation" and "active industry-academia collaboration". We aim to produce human resources who will reflect the pride and unwavering spirit of the Japanese people, contribute to the global community and future technological innovation, and promote the development of human beings. We also focus on academic research through collaboration with industry. We are adhering to our three principles by setting ourselves the following aims:

Cultivation of noble humanity:
We aim to produce engineers and researchers with creativity and individuality, who are eager to study Japanese culture, and have strong moral fiber and an international perspective.

Significant technological innovation:
We aim to produce engineers and researchers who will be able to contribute to technological innovation in our country, and flexibly respond to future scientific and technological development.

Active industry-academia collaboration:
We aim to be actively involved in the research topics required by Japanese industry, and to be an open university that contributes to the local community.

In order to realize these three principles, we aim to produce engineers who will reflect the pride and sense of mission of the Japanese people, contribute to technological innovation of the future, and have proper values, and historical and ethical perspectives. Hence, our educational objective is to "produce engineers who think and act for themselves".

To realize this objective, we have a systematic curriculum that consists of Academic Foundation Programs that are common to all of the colleges, and Professional Programs that vary according to the college and department. The Academic Foundation Programs include the Humanities and Social Sciences Program, English Language Program, Mathematics and Science for Engineering, and Practical Engineering Education Program.

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