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Child Helpline International

Giving a voice to children and young people worldwide
Child Helpline International (CHI) is the global network of child helplines with currently 174 organisations in 142 countries which together received over 126 million contacts in the past 10 years from children and young people in need of care and protection. Child Helpline International supports the creation and strengthening of national, free of cost child helplines worldwide, and uses child helpline data and knowledge to highlight gaps in child protection systems and advocate for the rights of children.

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CategoriesEducation & Research ; International Organisations
Based inNetherlands (Kingdom of the)
DomainsMobile ; Fixed ; Cable
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Executive Director     
Nenita La Rose

In January 2007 I began to lead CHI into a new phase of development and now in our next strategic phase 2011-2015. CHI is entering an even more exciting and challenging period of growth. As the Executive Director of CHI I am responsible for not only leading a fantastic team of committed and passionate people, but also for supporting the implementation of Children's Rights. I firmly believe in child helplines and the role they play in strengthening child protection systems around the world.