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Coordination Center for TLD.RU

Country code top level domain RU exists from April 7, 1994 which is recorded in Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) ccTLD database. While Internet evolved in Russia rapidly, Internet community conducted a challenging work of establishing newly structured administrative authority responsible for RU naming assignment policy coordination. In 2001 Coordination Center for TLD RU was founded by Regional Non-profit Center for Internet Technologies (ROCIT), Internet Providers' Union, Russian Association for Networks and Services, and Russian Institute for Public Networks. Coordination Center for TLD RU performs naming authority function under RU since 2002, including domain registration policy development, accrediting registrars and investigation of perspective projects for RU top-level domain, while Russian Institute for Public Networks performs technical functions for RU to ensure stability of its operation.

Based inRussian Federation
ITU Global DirectoryCoordination Center for TLD.RU
Mr. Andrey Kolesnikov
Andrei Kolesnikov began his career in the field of telecommunications in 1988 being engaged in public initiatives on launching telecommunications bridges between the USSR and the USA.

As a telecommunications engineer in the joint venture of All-Union Research Institute of Applied Automatic Systems (AUIAAS) and "San-Francisco-Moscow Teleport" (SFMT), in 1991, he introduced an e-mail system with direct terminal access and internet channel connecting computers of AUIAAS and research networks in the USA. In 1992, this system became the part of national e-mail system that united Demos, Relcom, Glasnet and other internet service providers.

In 1993, Andrei Kolesnikov was among the 8 representatives of the internet service providers who signed an agreement, which led to the delegation of country code top level domain .RU.

In 1994, Andrei Kolesnikov participated in development of the first license for telematics, and in 1995, he led the launch of the first Russian mass internet service "Russia-On-Line". ROL was the largest internet dial-up access service provider in Russia with access services deployed in more than 80 cities nationwide.

In 2000, Andrei Kolesnikov represented Russia in ECOSOC where he participated in development of the first international concept on information and communications technologies subsequently adopted by the leaders of G8 countries in Okinawa as "Okinawa Charter on Global Information Society.”

From 2005 to 2009 Andrei Kolesnikov was a Council member of Coordination Center for TLD RU, Russian national registry. He served as deputy media director of VympelCom, the Russian telecom giant. Since March 2009, Andrei Kolesnikov has become CEO of Coordination Center for TLD RU.

Andrei Kolesnikov is a recognized expert and internet activist, and a "Runet veteran.” He is a member of program and expert committees of major Russian internet forums and conferences. In 2010, he became one of initiators of launching Euro-Asian Network Operators Group (ENOG).

At the international level, Andrei Kolesnikov advocates Russia’s more active engagement in governance and development of the Internet, represents interests of Russian internet community and regularly contributes to international conferences and global forums, such as IGF, ICANN, RIPE, CENTR, APTLD, ITU meetings, and others. In 2009, Andrey Kolesnikov was elected to gNSO Board and became the first Russian expert who joined ICANN’s governing bodies.