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Etihad Atheeb Telecom (EATC)

GO is the key Brand of Etihad Atheeb Telecom Company, the leading Cloud Telecommunications Operator in the Middle East. With more than 150 thousand customers, GO covers voice services and broadband internet services in 11 cities in Saudi Arabia. Partnering with Batelco, a key regional Telecom Operator and major shareholder has added to Atheeb’s strength in terms of seconded resource and industry knowledge. The company is the second fixed telecommunication licensed operator (Nomadic) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Based inSaudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
DomainsMobile ; Telephone ; Broadband ; Internet
ITU Global DirectoryEtihad Atheeb Telecom (EATC)
Chief Executive Officer    
Emad Maali

As Chief Executive Officer of Eithad Atheeb Telecom, Emad Maali draws upon over 17 years of extensive experience in the telecom and IT industry to manage Eithad Atheeb Telecom 's business solutions.


Prior to joining Eithad Atheeb Telecom , Maali took on several posts at Umniah or Batelco Jordan, starting in 2001 in the Managed Data Communication Services (MDS) division in the Sales Department before moving on to become the Sales & Marketing Director, during which time he assisted in establishing the company’s sales and marketing objectives and strategies. In addition, he was entrusted as Acting CEO during the absence of the Batelco Jordan CEO.


In 1996, Maali joined the Jordan Engineers Association as the Head of the Engineering Conferences & International Relations Unit, and was in charge of the e-association project that established one of the first portals in Jordan. Before moving to and pursuing his career in Jordan, Maali held several sales posts at different companies in the USA.


Maali is an active member of the Jordan Engineers Association as well as the Telecommunication Committee of int@j, and is a volunteer in INJAZ, a development program aimed at enhancing school and university students' job opportunities.


Maali holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering & Communication from Southern Illinois University in the USA.