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MobiCom Corporation

MobiCom corporation opened its activities on March 18th 1996, pioneering cellular telephone service in Mongolia through the investment of NewCom LLC of Mongolia, Sumitomo General Trading Company, and KDDI Telecommunications Company of Japan. These avenues allowed MobiCom to introduce cellular phone service and to open a new gateway to economic development by providing not only mobile communication services, but also internet services, and satellite communication services. Today, MobiCom has become the largest cellular telephone service provider, and the biggest corporation in the information and technology sector of Mongolia. The 3 major shareholders of Mobicom: NewCom LLC of Mongolia, Sumitomo & KDDI corporations of Japan have invested in the field of high-tech technology an amount of more than 100 million USD. The company recently launched a satellite communication service known as IRIDIUM. It is the only provider of truly global satellite voice and data communications solutions with complete coverage of the entire Earth including oceans and airways. MobiCom provides cellular phone service to 3 cities, 21 provincial capitals, and settlements with up to 337 network points that cover 90 percent of the Mongolian territory. We have 1,200,000 prepaid and postpaid subscribers receiving our services through our 51 branch offices, local service branches, and our over 10,000 sales points in Ulaanbaatar and rural areas.

Mr Enknsaikhan Munkhjargalan, Director Enterprise business Sector & Corporate Product Marketing Sector of Mobicom Corporation, honored the ITU with his presence at the 10 year Anniversary Award Ceremony on 1 October 2014.
An article and photos of the occasion may be found under the following link:

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Chief Executive Oficcer    
Ragchaa Arvintsogt

Arvintsogt became a Founding Member of the Board of the American University of Mongolia in 2011.

 A telecommunications engineer, Arvintsogt was one of the three founders of Newcom LLC. He started his career as a technical maintenance worker and engineer at the radio relay station of the Gobi-Altai province.

In 1990 he was appointed to work at the Ministry of Communication, to supervise technical planning and policy units and manage telecommunications development projects. After co-founding Newcom in 1993, he served in various positions at the company until becoming General Director of Mobicom from 1995-2000.

 He helped install the earth station to enable nationwide satellite television broadcasting and an international telecommunication earth station, which enabled Mongolia to communicate with almost 100 countries.

He was one of the authors of Mongolia’s Telecommunications Master Plan, which defined the cornerstones of the telecommunications strategies for two decades.

 In 2011, the President awarded Arvintsogt the title of the Merited Worker of Telecommunications.