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European Telecommunications Satellite Organisation

EUTELSAT (the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization) was created in 1977 on an interim basis with the purpose of providing Europe with a satellite infrastructure for a wide range of telecommunications services. The EUTELSAT Convention was opened for signature in July 1982 and entered into force on 1 September 1985, which was when EUTELSAT became a permanent organisation. Fifteen years later, by which time the Organisation had become one of the world’s leading satellite operators, the EUTELSAT Parties decided in May 1999 to transform the Organisation and agreed the relevant procedures for this change. All assets, operational activities and related liabilities and commitments of the Intergovernmental Organisation EUTELSAT were transferred to Eutelsat S.A., a company established in Paris for this purpose on the 2 July 2001. The original EUTELSAT Convention was amended with the agreement of the States Parties and the amendments came into force on a definitive basis in November 2002.

Since its restructuring, the structure, role, mission and activities of the Organisation have evolved to reflect developments in the fields of regulation, technology and markets for Fixed Satellite Services. Today, 49 European States are Parties to the EUTELSAT Convention.
EUTELSAT IGO has a twofold role. It maintains the rights to use radiofrequencies and orbital locations which were assigned collectively to the Member States by the International Telecommunication Union before the 2001 restructuring. These rights, which the Organisation has agreed to place at the Company’s disposal, are still crucial to the operation of the majority of Eutelsat S.A.’s satellites. EUTELSAT IGO also monitors the operations of Eutelsat S.A. in particular to ensure that the Basic Principles are observed in accordance with Article III a) of the Amended Convention.

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Executive Secretary     
Mr Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski

Mr Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski is the Executive Secretary and the legal representative of EUTELSAT IGO.  In March 2017, the Assembly of Parties of EUTELSAT elected Mr Piotr Dmochowski-Lipski of Poland for a four-year term beginning on 2 July 2017. He is a senior executive with 35 years of professional experience in media, telecom, satellite and cable. He also served as Director General of Poland’s Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Prior to his appointment he was an Expert Adviser to the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs and Chairman of EUTELSAT IGO Advisory Committee. He also represented Poland in ITSO, ESA, EBU and various committees of the European Union. Mr. Dmochowski-Lipski holds a Master in Public Administration degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, as well as an MBA with honors in Finance from Boston University.