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Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

APNIC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) charged with ensuring the fair distribution and responsible management of IP addresses and related resources. These resources are required for the stable and reliable operation of the global Internet. APNIC is an open, membership-based, not-for-profit organization. As part of this service, the APNIC Secretariat is responsible for maintaining the public APNIC Whois Database and managing reverse DNS zone delegations. APNIC also provides forums for bottom-up policy development through an open process of consultation and consensus.APNIC is also actively involved in the development of Internet infrastructure throughout the region. This includes providing training and education services, supporting technical activities such as root server deployments, and collaborating with other regional and international organizations. APNIC has been collaborating with the ITU since 2013 on a number of joint capacity development initiatives throughout the Asia Pacific. Visit:

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Based inAustralia
ITU Global DirectoryAsia Pacific Network Information Centre
Mr Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson has twenty years’ involvement with the Internet, including over ten years’ experience as the Director General of APNIC. As part of this current role, he represents the activities and interests of the Asia Pacific Internet community in local and global forums related to the development and management of the Internet. In 2012 he was also selected to the Multistakeholder Advisory Group for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), the groups that advises the UN Secretary-General on the program and schedule of the IGF meetings

Previously the Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus Networks, the first private ISP established in Australia, Paul also acted as a consultant to the United Nations and other international agencies. As a primary consultant on Internet projects, including the PAN Program with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Paul helped to introduce Internet services for the first time in several developing economies.

Paul is a highly respected member of the global Internet community and participates in the following organizations: APIA, APNG, ISIF, NRO, ISOC and dotAsia.