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Caribbean Telecommunications Union

In 1989, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) was established in Nassau, The Bahamas by the Heads of CARICOM Governments in an atmosphere of cautiousness about setting-up new organizations. In 1990, the Organization established its Headquarters in Barbados, on agreement with that Government, but it was relocated to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, where it continues to function in accordance with the terms of a Headquarters Agreement, dated April 8, 1993. At the time of the establishment of CTU, the role played by the operator-group, CANTO, and Technical Assistance by the International Telecommunication Union, was already of significant value. CTU has a multi-stakeholder membership that includes CARICOM states, non-CARICOM states, private sector organizations and non-governmental agencies.

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Based inTrinidad and Tobago
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Ms. Bernadette Lewis
Bernadette Lewis’ career in telecommunications spans a period of more than twenty years. She acquired her technical skills working at the engineering and managerial levels with the national service provider, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. In 2000, with her appointment as the technical Manager for the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO), her activities extended to regional information and communications issues.

Ms. Lewis was appointed to the position of Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) in August 2003. She is the first female to hold this position. Under her guidance, the CTU has been addressing the issues of harmonization of policies in Spectrum Management and Internet Governance on behalf of the Caribbean, producing harmonized Caribbean policy frameworks in both areas of study.

Her mission for the organization is to ensure that that the citizens of the region have affordable access to, and are able to derive tangible benefit from the effective use of information and communication technologies.

Ms. Lewis holds a BSc. from The University of the West Indies and Masters Degree from Aston University in the United Kingdom.