Question 9-3/2 Identification of study topics in the ITU-T and ITU-R study groups which are of particular interest to developing countries


1 Statement of the situation

The ITU-T and ITU-R study groups undertake many studies on topics of diverse purposes, outputs and focus. Many of these studies on topics are, or could be, of particular concern to developing countries. Developing countries frequently lack resources to follow the work of even a limited number of study groups in the other two Sectors and are not aware of those Questions agreed for study, their purpose and the status of their implementation. There is no doubt that some developing countries are now in a position to take part in the work of some of the study group Questions and nearly all are likely to benefit from the output of these studies.

2 Question for study

Identification on a continuing basis of those study group topics in the ITU-T and ITU-R which are of particular interest to developing countries are based on an agreed set of guidelines, including the preparation of some technical reports. This Question activity is for the benefit of both ITU-D Study Groups.

3 Expected output

3.1 Agreed guidelines to the identification process of such topics.

3.2 Annual progress reports indicating status of the selected topics and, where completed, an indication of how the outputs can be obtained.

3.3 Technical Reports on particular topics (called technical arrays in the past).

4 Timing

Annual progress reports.

5 Proposers

The Question was originally approved by WTDC-94, revised by WTDC-98, WTDC-02, WTDC-06 and by WTDC-10.

6 Sources of input

  1. Examination of all the ITU-T and ITU-R study group Questions and Recommendations with a view to selecting those topics of interest to developing countries.
  2. Request for updating information from ITU-T and ITU-R on the selected topics.
  3. Inputs by the relevant ITU-D study group rapporteurs, in accordance with their follow-up on the activities of ITU-T and ITU-R with relevance to their Questions.
  4. Contributions by members regarding the technical reports.

7 Target audience

Target audience Developed countries Developing countries1
Telecom policy-makers * Yes
Telecom regulators * Yes
Telecom operators * Yes
* The Question outputs are specifically targeted to developing countries, although it is in the interest of telecommunication policy-makers in the developed countries to be aware of the interests of developing countries.

a) Target audience

Depending on the nature of the output, upper- to middle-level managers among operators and regulators in developing countries are the predominant users of the output.

b) Proposed methods for the implementation of the results

The yearly output of this Question will be made available via the ITU-D website. Hard copies could be provided on request.

8 Proposed methods of handling the Question

Within Study Group 2.

9 Coordination

The ITU-D Study Group dealing with this Question will need to coordinate with:

Relevant focal points in BDT.

Coordinators of relevant project activities in BDT.

Regional and scientific organizations with mandates covering the subject matter of the Question.

10 Other relevant information

As may become apparent within the life of the Question.

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