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This is a live or recorded webcast with simultaneous interpretation. It is not intended to be a literal or definitive translation of the proceedings and no liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies or omissions by ITU or its staff.
 Tuesday, 15 November 2005: Press Conference, 13:00h-14:00h GMT+1
Conference on African Research and Education Networking Infrastructure
Association of African Universities AAU


 Tuesday, 15 November 2005: Press Conference, 14:15h-15:15h GMT+1
ITU WSIS Opening press conference
video [arabic] [english] [french] [original]


 Tuesday, 15 November 2005: Press Conference, 15:30h-16:00h GMT+1
World Electronic Media Forum and WSIS
video [arabic] [english] [french] [original]


 Tuesday, 15 November 2005: Press Conference, 16:00h-16:15h GMT+1
Civil Society Opening Press Conference
video [arabic] [english] [french] [original]


 Tuesday, 15 November 2005: Press Conference, 16:15h-16:30h GMT+1
World’s best e-contents
International Center for New Media
video [arabic] [english] [french] [original]


 Tuesday, 15 November 2005: Press Conference, 16:30h-16:45h GMT+1
New study of the Internet and censorship across the Middle East and North Africa
Human Rights Watch
video [arabic] [english] [french] [original]



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