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Facilities for Radio and TV broadcasters

ITU has appointed the European Broadcasting Union as the WSIS official media services provider. Tunisia’s Etablissement de la Radiodiffusion et TÚlÚvision Tunisienne (ERTT) and Office national de tÚlÚdiffusion de Tunisie (ONT) will be the Event’s host broadcaster. Together, they will provide radio and television broadcasters with the facilities required to provide coverage of the Summit.


Eurovision Special Events, in cooperation with Host Broadcaster TN ERTT / TN ONT, will provide the following comprehensive production and transmission facilities at the Media Centre at KRAM:

  • Stand-up positions for live programme inserts
  • Beta SX/SP/D, IMX, DVCPRO / DVCAM and XDCAM playout (625 PAL & 525 NTSC)
  • Editing in Beta SX / SP (with or without Editor) with technical access to pool feeds from the host broadcaster on Beta SX cassettes in the edit suites
  • Dubbing in Beta SX / SP
  • Uplinking to the Global Eurovision Network
  • Limited number of unequipped workspaces with technical access to Pool Signals

The Eurovision Feedpoint is scheduled to be operational from 14 to 18 November 2005 inclusive.

For online bookings, please click here

For further information please contact :

Lance Newhart
Eurovision Special Events
TÚl.:  +216 71 244 750
         +41 79 200 8794

The Host broadcaster will make available, on demand, video tapes of statements, press conferences, roundtables, panels, and any other audio feed available.


EBU Radio, in cooperation with Host Broadcaster ERTT / ONT, will assist broadcasters covering this summit and provide the following facilities:

  • Workspaces with furniture, power, 1 analog and 1 ISDN line, TV monitor carrying the pool audio signals and a desktop router that allows to switch between various audio signals, record them (XLR connector) and send live or recorded audio to their studios. These will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

PLEASE NOTE: workspaces are not by default equipped with codecs. You should bring your own transmission equipment. If you wish to rent a codec you should let us know as soon as possible.

  • 2 EBU Radio Feedpoints with XLR plug-in facility, ISDN codec, headphone and microphone to be assigned for 30 min slots for journalists wanting to broadcast live with their studios or to send their pre-produced recordings. These are bookable in advance or on site. First come first served.
  • Provision of audio recordings (digital or analog) of statements, press conferences, roundtables, panels, and any other audio feed made available by the host broadcaster

For online bookings, click here.

For further information, please contact:

Julia Lonicer
EBU Radio News Coordinator
TÚl.:  +41 79 230 1508
         +41 22 717 2607

Requests should be sent as soon as possible and no later than Friday, 28 October.



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