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 Temporary importation of photo, radio and TV equipment including production trucks

All journalists accredited by the WSIS Media Office are automatically entitled to temporary importation, exempt from customs duty, of their photographic, radio and TV equipment, as long as the frequency plans for transmission equipment have been coordinated with the host country in order to avoid any harmful interference.

For production trucks, a request for a parking space must also be submitted.

The requisite applications, accompanied by detailed lists of the audiovisual equipment and, in the case of transmission equipment, the characteristics of the satellite and communication frequencies, must be received preferably ten days before the arrival of the persons responsible for using the equipment in question.

Applications shall be sent to or by fax to +216 71 33 40 08/+216 71 25 41 74 with a copy for information to or fax +41 22 730 5201. For more detailed information in regard to such temporary importation, please contact directly Mr Ezzedine Besbes, on +216 71 33 50 23/+216 71 33 60 53.



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