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This advanced draft of the stocktaking report has been prepared on the basis of activities received up to 10 July 2005. It is posted for comments and additional inputs, which should be sent to before 15 August 2005. The draft will then be revised and translated for PrepCom-3.

go Preliminary Report on the WSIS Stocktaking [WSIS-II/PC-2/DOC/6]

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The first Preparatory Meeting (PrepCom-1) of the Tunis Phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), held in Hammamet, 24-26 June 2004, has confirmed that one of the three areas of focus of the Tunis Phase will be “Follow-up and implementation of the Geneva Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action by stakeholders at national, regional and international levels, with particular attention to the challenges facing the Least Developed Countries” (Document WSIS-II/PC-1/DOC/5). This will involve undertaking a stocktaking of the implementation by governments and all other WSIS stakeholders of the WSIS Plan of Action.

As part of this stocktaking exercise of WSIS-related activities, especially regarding implementation of the WSIS Plan of Action, the Secretary-General of ITU has sent out a letter and a questionnaire to all stakeholders inviting them to inform the WSIS Executive Secretariat about their implementation activities and projects. The information collated from the WSIS Stocktaking questionnaire is archived in the database of WSIS Stocktaking activities.

Note: The WSIS stocktaking is a continuous process and the database remains open for all new submissions. Those submissions received by 15 December 2004 were taken into account in the preliminary report on stocktaking presented at PrepCom-2 (February 2005). Activities submitted by 30 June 2005 will be reflected in the stocktaking report to be presented at PrepCom-3 (September 2005).



By 10 July 2005
Number of all projects: 2115

Breakdown by WSIS action line
Breakdown by stakeholder
Breakdown by geographical coverage
Breakdown by region
Breakdown of projects with partnerships by entity
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