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 January 2005 
go  12 Jan 2005 - 14 Jan 2005
ESCAP, Sub-regional Conference in South and South-West Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal (Republic of)

This is one of the three sub-regional meeting of the Asia-Pacific Regional conference to be held in mid-2005.

go  WSIS event  17 Jan 2005 - 19 Jan 2005   WSIS event
UNCTAD/ILO/ITC/OECD, Economic and Social Implications of ICT, Antigua, Guatemala

WSIS thematic meeting. The meeting will: - Address the impact of ICTs on economic performance and trade competitiveness of developing countries; - Explore policies and best practices to enable enterprises – and particularly SMEs - to rise their productivity and competitiveness through the use of ICTs; - Review strategies to integrate SMEs into national and international supply chains using modern communication technologies; - Examine the impact of the enterprises’ structural changes on local, national and international labour markets and identify strategies to ease the transition.

go  WSIS event  18 Jan 2005 - 22 Jan 2005   WSIS event
UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR), World Conference on Disaster Reduction, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

During the conference, WMO provides a session on 21 January with the title : ICT Applications in Natural Disaster Reduction. It is a WSIS Thematic meeting.

go  25 Jan 2005 - 25 Jan 2005
Le Monde Diplomatique (LMD), IPS, MWG, First Information and Communication World Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The forum will be held on the day before the opening of the fifth World Social Forum (WSF). It is proposed to offer an open space for engagement by those interested in information and communication around the world, and about to participate in the WSF. It will be an opportunity to have a day debating information and communication with other interlocutors like civil society, trade unions and researchers.

go  27 Jan 2005 - 28 Jan 2005
Techgov, ICT for Government 2005, Accra, Ghana


 February 2005 
go  01 Feb 2005 - 03 Feb 2005
UN ESCAP, Sub-regional meeting in South-East and East Asia, Bali, Indonesia

This is one the sub-regional meetings of the Asia-Pacific Regional conference to be held in 2005. It is expected to provide the perspectives of the South-east and East Asian countries for reflection in the Regional Action Plan and generate inputs for global discussions on Internet governance and financial mechanisms for ICT for Development.

go  WSIS event  02 Feb 2005 - 04 Feb 2005   WSIS event
Government of Ghana, WSIS Phase II: African Regional Conference, Accra, Ghana

WSIS Regional Conference

go  WSIS event  03 Feb 2005 - 04 Feb 2005   WSIS event
UNESCO, International Conference on Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace, Paris, France

WSIS thematic meeting. It will provide a forum for discussing whether universal free expression standards should be applied to the Internet and how free expression can be protected while respecting individual privacy, national laws and cultural differences. It will gather prominent figures from the international sphere, civil society groups, scholars in the field, journalists and other media professionals, and government officials from all regions of the world who deal with Internet-related issues.

go  03 Feb 2005 - 04 Feb 2005
Comité 21, ACIDD (Assciation de communication et d'information pour le development durable), TIC 21 : The contribution of information and communication technologies to sustainable development, Valencienne, France

The puropse of the meeting is To bring together the principle French and European players concerned by putting into action sustainable development in the use of information and communication technologies.

go  WSIS event  07 Feb 2005 - 09 Feb 2005   WSIS event
UNCTAD/OECD/ITU/UIS/UN Regional Commissions/UN ICT Task Force/World Bank, Measuring the Information Society, Geneva, Switzerland

WSIS Thematic meeting. The main goal of the meeting is to consolidate the outcomes of the regional workshops that were held in the 4th quarter of 2004 and agree on a final list of core ICT indicators to be collected by all countries. It will also discuss developing country technical assistance needs as regards the compilation of ICT indicators, identify ICT indicators relevant to achieving the MDGs, and present ongoing work concerning the creation and maintenance of an international database on ICT indicators. The date of the meeting is not known yet.

go  10 Feb 2005 - 11 Feb 2005
ITU, Fourth World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland

The meeting will cover topics related to the definition, collection, processing, dissemination and use of telecommunication/ICT indicators. This session will also look at issues related to development of community access indicators, and present results of the Global Indicators Workshop on Community Access to ICTs.

go  11 Feb 2005 - 13 Feb 2005
Government of Malta/DiploFoundation/GKP, International Conference on Multistakeholder Diplomacy, Malta, Malta

This conference will examine the multistakeholder approach to diplomacy in general, with particular focus on the role and impact of various stakeholders in the WSIS process.

go  WSIS event  17 Feb 2005 - 25 Feb 2005   WSIS event
WSIS Phase II: Second Meeting of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom-2), Geneva, Switzerland

go  17 Feb 2005 - 19 Feb 2005
Government of Thailand, 1st Phuket International ICT Conference, Phuket, Thailand

The sub-title of the conference is "ICT Solutions for Disaster Recovery Management and Global Warning : learning from Tsunami". The conference will not only help provide the world with a better crisis management and more efficient recovery management systems, but it will also help bring Phuket back to its feet to a certain extent.

go  WSIS event  28 Feb 2005 - 28 Feb 2005   WSIS event
Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT)/ITU, Role of ICT for Disaster Reduction, Bangkok, Thailand

WSIS regional thematic meeting. The meeting addresses key issues on the role of ICT to prevent disaster in the Asia Pacific region. The meeting aims to provide APT members with in-depth knowledge of the disaster awareness and preparedness and will bring out the various ways in which ICT tools could be used to give advance warnings of such impending disasters.


 March 2005 
go  01 Mar 2005 - 03 Mar 2005
Southern Africa NGO Network (SANGNet), First Annual SANGONet "ICTs and Civil Society" Conference and Exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa

The conference will focus on the ICT challenges facing the CSO (Civil Society Organizations) sector, highlighting and promoting practical benefits, opportunities and lessons.

go  01 Mar 2005 - 03 Mar 2005
UN ESCAP, Sub-regional meeting iin South and South-West Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal (Republic of)

This is one the sub-regional meetings of the Asia-Pacific Regional conference to be held in 2005.

go  03 Mar 2005 - 04 Mar 2005
OneWorld South Asia, Forth Annual regional meeting, New Delhi, India

Nearly 400 delegates from South Asia are expected to deliberate during the meeting on various MDGs and identify the niche for ICTs towards achieving the MDGs.

go  WSIS event  14 Mar 2005 - 18 Mar 2005   WSIS event
Government of Canada/UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Indigenous Peoples in the Information Society: Delivering on the Plan of Action, Ottawa, Canada

WSIS Thematic meeting. Plans are being developed between the Government of Canada and Canadian National Aboriginal Organizations (through the Aboriginal Canada Portal Working Group – ACPWG), other states and Indigenous organizations and the Secretariat of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to begin planning for Phase II WSIS Tunisia 2005

go  15 Mar 2005 - 18 Mar 2005
Global VSAT Forum/AITEC, NewCom Africa 2005, London, United Kingdom

It will focus on regulatory, technology, investment & business partnerships that have proven effective for the rapid roll-out of telecom services in Africa. AITEC Africa and UK Event Management Associates are the event organizers.

go  21 Mar 2005 - 26 Mar 2005
Doors of Perception 8, New Delhi, India

It is a worldwide design and innovation network whose aim is to learn how to design services, some of them enabled by information technology, that meet basic needs in new ways. Every two years or so, the network meets to share the results of its work with citizens, education, industry and professionals. This year's theme is 'infrastructure'.


 April 2005 
go  04 Apr 2005 - 08 Apr 2005
ICANN meeting, Mar del Plata, Argentina

go  11 Apr 2005 - 13 Apr 2005
CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation ), VOIP CARIBBEAN 2005, Kingston, Jamaica

go  13 Apr 2005 - 15 Apr 2005
UN/Government of Ireland/GeSCI, UN ICT Task Force, 8th Meeting, Dublin, Ireland

go  24 Apr 2005 - 25 Apr 2005
UN NGO Section DESA/ Association of Tunisian Mothers, NGO Forum for WSIS, Tunis, Tunisia

The theme of the forum is "for an Inclusive, People Centered, Development Oriented and Knowledgeable Information Society for All".


 May 2005 
go  04 May 2005 - 05 May 2005
GKP/Government of Egypt/American Chamber of Commerce, International Forum on Advancing ICT Solutions for Development through Cross-Sector Partnerships, Cairo, Egypt

For the first time, the GKP will be organising an International Forum on cross-sector partnerships for the advancement of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions for development. As the partnership between the public and private, the profit and non-profit sectors becomes more important than before, this forum will build on experiences-sharing, and lead the way to effective new partnership-based initiatives. A special focus will be on experiences from the Middle East and North Africa. The Forum is being held in conjunction with the GKP Annual Meeting 2005 on 6 May.

go  WSIS event  06 May 2005 - 07 May 2005   WSIS event
UNESCO, Multilingualism for Cultural Diversity and Participation of All in Cyberspace, Bamako, Mali

WSIS thematic meeting. The meeting is a follow-up to the WSIS Action Plan. Deriving from the Chapter 8 of the WSIS Action Plan, the discussions will be structured following two major tracks: (1) Policies and standards underpinning diverse, inclusive knowledge societies, (2) Global experiences in building a multilingual cyberspace.

go  WSIS event  08 May 2005 - 10 May 2005   WSIS event
Government of Egypt, Toward WSIS II : An Arab regional dialogue, Cairo, Egypt

WSIS subregional conference. The conference is expected to produce an updated version of The Pan Arab Regional Plan of Action. In addition, it will include an international dimension and African dimension, allowing the Arab region to hold a constructive debate on issues of relevance with the international community before the last round of negotiations in September 2005.

go  WSIS event  09 May 2005 - 11 May 2005   WSIS event
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD)/Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU)/Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA), Asia Media Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WSIS regional thematic meeting The event provides an opportunity for broadcasters around the globe to share their thoughts on Information and Broadcasting with a view to be submitted to the 2nd phase of WSIS. Some of the keynote topics to be covered in the conference are as following; - Freedom of Expression vs. Media Ownership - Media Monopolies - Just Another Business Venture? - Copyright Issues of Digital Content - Who Gains, Who Loses and is the Battle Lost Already? - Broadcasters' Contribution to the WSIS in December 2005 in Tunis - Implications of the WTO and GATTS for Broadcasters

go  WSIS event  11 May 2005 - 13 May 2005   WSIS event
UNESCO/the Club of Rome, World Conference on ICT for Capacity-Building: Critical Success Factors, Paris, France

WSIS thematic meeting. The Conference will discuss the use of information and communication technology (ICT), including satellites, for capacity-building, and its key strategic role for achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and for building knowledge societies. The entire Conference will 'web-casted' live, allowing anyone to share the different sessions and contributions via Internet. The access to live web-casting will be announced on the web-site of the Conference:

go  13 May 2005 - 15 May 2005
UNESCO, Paving the Road to Tunis - WSIS II: The Views of Canada's Civil Society on the Geneva Plan of Action and the Prospects for Phase II, Winnipeg, Canada

go  WSIS event  16 May 2005 - 17 May 2005   WSIS event
Government of Japan/ITU/UNU, Toward Realization of Ubiquitous Network Society, Tokyo, Japan

WSIS Thematic meeting. The meeting will focus on four main areas: ubiquitous network society; digital divide; technological innovation and knowledge sharing (capacity development). The date of the conference is not known yet, but it will be announced soon.

go  17 May 2005 - 21 May 2005
Global Fairs TTMESSE (Germany and Kenya)/ ATU/ URTNA, ICT Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

ICTE AFRICA will focus on assisting African business start-ups to grow and become effective market participants and to compete on the global stage. It will directly address the issues of growing capacity and affordability bottlenecks which are critical to future development and growth.

go  WSIS event  17 May 2005 - 19 May 2005   WSIS event
UNESCO / Russian government, UNESCO between two Phases of the World Summit on the Information Society, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

The Conference is organized with a view to clarify the next steps and key decisions of UNESCO with regard to the building of the global information society. One of the main objects set by the conference is drafting recommendations for determining UNESCO`s position on further implementation of provisions of the main documents adopted at the World Summit on the Information Society.

go  19 May 2005 - 19 May 2005
Regions of Wallonie (BE) / Nord Pas de Calais (FR), European seminar (e-democracy, e-participation), Brussels, Belgium

go  24 May 2005 - 24 May 2005
Government of UK, WSIS UK Day, Manchester, United Kingdom

It is one day consultation event with UK civil society to discuss their interests and views on WSIS.

go  28 May 2005 - 30 May 2005
SPACE (Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment), Free Software, Free Society, Trivandrum, India

The Conference is primarily an attempt to initiate a South-South-North dialogue on the use of Free Software as a useful paradigm for non-software realms and its role as an instrument for development.

go  29 May 2005 - 01 Jun 2005
FIM (Forum International de Montréal0, Global Democracy : Civil Society Visions and Strategies (G05), Montréal, Canada

go  WSIS event  31 May 2005 - 02 Jun 2005   WSIS event
Government of Islamic Republic Iran/UN ESCAP/UNDP-APDIP/ITU, WSIS Phase II : High-Level Asia and Pacific Regional Conference, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

WSIS Regional conference. The Conference is expected to adopt the Regional Action Plan towards an Information Society for Asia and the Pacific, and the Tehran Declaration on Building an Information Society in Asia and the Pacific. It will also discuss progress made in between the first and second phases of WSIS, the issues of Internet governance, best practices of financial mechanisms for ICT for development.


 June 2005 
go  01 Jun 2005 - 15 Jun 2005
WIPO, On line forum on Intellectual Property in the Information Society, on line,

This Online Forum is designed to enable and encourage an open debate on issues related to intellectual property in the information society, and in light of the goals of WSIS. This presents a unique opportunity for all to engage and shape the emerging debate on the value of intellectual property in our day.

go  WSIS event  02 Jun 2005 - 03 Jun 2005   WSIS event
Government of Austria/ WSA (World Summit Award), WSIS Contributory Conference on ICT & Creativity, Vienna, Austria

The main themes of the event are : 1. Production of relevant output for the Final Declaration in Tunis 05; 2. Provide strategies for the implementation of the WSIS Action Plan ; 3. Enhance actions related to creativity and IT on a global scope.

go  WSIS event  08 Jun 2005 - 10 Jun 2005   WSIS event
WSIS Phase II: Latin America and Caribbean Regional Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

WSIS Regional Conference

go  13 Jun 2005 - 14 Jun 2005
IANIS (Innovatiive Actions Network for the Information Society), IANIS+ Annual Conference 2005, Lille, France

The scope of the conference includes followings : e-government, e-learning, mobile communications, e-communities, Regional innvoation, ICT infrastructure, Public Fund management and Information Society Benchmarking.

go  13 Jun 2005 - 16 Jun 2005
University of Milano & University of Biccoca, 2nd International Conference on Communities and Technologies, Milano, Italy

The conference provides a forum for stimulating and disseminating research about all facets of community and technology support for communities.

go  16 Jun 2005 - 17 Jun 2005
Institute of Network Cultures & Waag Society, Incommunicado 05: information technology for everybody else, Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is a two-day working conference working towards a critical survey of the current state of 'info-development', also known as the catchy acronym 'ICT4D' (ICT for development).

go  17 Jun 2005 - 17 Jun 2005
World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), Seminar on Knowledge Economy, Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Management, Tunis, Tunisia

This event is organised as part of the WFEO’s contribution to the preparatory process of the second phase of WSIS.

go  19 Jun 2005 - 24 Jun 2005
Organizing Committee, Women's World 2005 - 9th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Woman, Seoul, Korea (Rep. of)

During the congress, ITU ASP is organizing an E-government session. This session will discuss overview the scope and issues of E-Governance and Internet Governance, especially in connection with the WSIS; implications and effects of E-Governance and Internet Governance in gender perspectives, including various experiences on e-governance from gender perspectives.

go  WSIS event  20 Jun 2005 - 21 Jun 2005   WSIS event
UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), Third International Forum on Trade Facilitation, Geneva, Switzerland

WSIS thematic meeting. The theme of this forum is “Paperless Trade in International Supply Chains: Enhancing Efficiency and Security”. It will be an occasion for all countries, enterprises and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work together to set a roadmap for the implementation of paperless trade to increase security and efficiency in international supply chains.

go  20 Jun 2005 - 22 Jun 2005
Governent of Tunisia, African and Arab Regional Conference on ElectronicTransaction Security, Digital Signature and PKI, Tunis, Tunisia

The conference deals with digital certification, digital signature and its regional and international deployment. The event, conducted by international figures, experts and researchers, will be the occasion to exchange on the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology development worldwide, its legal framework and PKI solutions.

go  WSIS event  21 Jun 2005 - 22 Jun 2005   WSIS event
Government of Germany, International Policy Dialogue: Mainstreaming ICT for Development: the Key Role of the Private Sector, Berlin, Germany

WSIS Thematic Meeting. The meeting will contribute to the second phase of WSIS in Tunis by stressing the growing importance of mainstreaming ICT for Development and the crucial role of the private sector to tap the full potential of information and communications technologies. The aim of the conference is to provide a significant input to the global ICT for Development debate, facilitating the identification of those best practices comprising a road map towards favorable conditions for mainstreaming ICT for Development efforts. Within this context, the conference will focus on two main issues: the policy framework for private sector investment on the one hand and the relevance of ICTs in achieving the ambitious goals set by the international community in the Millennium Declaration on the other.

go  WSIS event  23 Jun 2005 - 24 Jun 2005   WSIS event
Government of Republic of Korea/KADO/ITU, Multi-stakeholder partnerships for Bridging the Digital Divide, Seoul, Korea (Rep. of)

WSIS Thematic meeting. It examines how governments, the private sector, civil society and international organization can work together to help to bridge the digital divide. Separate sessions will examine the need for a multi-stakeholder approach, country case studies of successful partnerships, measuring the digital divide, technologies for helping to bridge the gap and other ways of overcoming barriers.

go  WSIS event  24 Jun 2005 - 25 Jun 2005   WSIS event
APWINC/GWDC/KADO/ITU, Forum on ICTs and Gender for WSIS 2005, Seoul, Korea (Rep. of)

WSIS Regional Thematic Meeting. The Forum will discuss the gender issues in the Information Society and publish a declaration from the gender perspective for WSIS 2005. The Forum will integrate the outcomes of 16 panels (global digital divide, Internet governance, solidarity fund, etc) of Gender and ICT sub-theme, of WW05 (Women’s World Congress) from the perspective of academia, NGO, and private sector. The efforts of international agencies, ITU, UNESCAP, World Bank and APEC, for WSIS 2005 from gender perspective will be identified.

go  WSIS event  28 Jun 2005 - 01 Jul 2005   WSIS event
ITU, WSIS Thematic Meeting on Cybersecurity, Geneva, Switzerland

WSIS Thematic meeting. The conference will specifically consider five key areas in possible international cooperative measures including standardization, information sharing, halting attacks in progress, legal coordination, and providing assistance to developing economies.

go  WSIS event  30 Jun 2005 - 01 Jul 2005   WSIS event
Government of Greece, The Impact of ICTs on Democracy Development, Thessaloniki, Greece

WSIS regional thematic meeting. As part of the South-Eastern Europe Ministerial Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, the objective of this thematic meeting will be to explore the role of ICTs regarding recent political developments in different countries and the challenges they pose on democratic institutions and to everyday practices of voting, representig and complying by citizens.


 July 2005 
go  06 Jul 2005 - 08 Jul 2005
G8 Summit, Perthshire (Scotland), United Kingdom

go  08 Jul 2005 - 10 Jul 2005

This event is organized as as a combined follow-up of the Scientific Conference Foundation of Information Science ( ENSTA, 4-7 July 2005 ) and the SIANA 2005 : Semaine internationale des arts numériques et alternatifs ( INT, 9 - 15 Avril 2005 ). Digital Artworks will be on display at ENSTA during all the week ( 4-10 July 2005 ) while live and dynamic presentations are going to start on Friday July 8.

go  11 Jul 2005 - 15 Jul 2005
ICANN, ICANN Meeting, Luxemburg City, Luxembourg

go  12 Jul 2005 - 22 Jul 2005
ITU, ITU Council - 05, Geneva, Switzerland

go  29 Jul 2005 - 31 Jul 2005
Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), International Conference on 'E-Governance in the Developing World', Hyderabad, India

The purpose of the event will be to present expert knowledge on how information and communication technologies (ICT) and other evolving technologies can be used to help governments in developing countries.


 August 2005 
go  04 Aug 2005 - 08 Aug 2005
Wikimedia Foundation, The First International Wikimedia Conference, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The event will feature speakers from Wikipedia and from guest speakers. The program will include a mixture of presentations and workshops by various speakers.

go  11 Aug 2005 - 12 Aug 2005
WORLD YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND ICT (WYDI2005) Conference, Arusha, United Republic of Tanzania

The conference is held with a theme " Young People Creating Global Culture". The conference will bring more than 250 young professionals, community leaders, NGO leaders, University students, ICT professionals, and all lovers of youths.

go  22 Aug 2005 - 27 Aug 2005
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, The 2nd annual conference of the Community Informatics Research Network, Cape Town, South Africa

CIRN2005 takes a more open approach, and is focused on research and practice in the context of partnerships in Community Informatics. The practice of Community Informatics usually involves role players with diverse interests, and many of the benefits are found in the combination of different role players' interests and resources.

go  24 Aug 2005 - 26 Aug 2005
Government of South Africa, Participation in the Women_s Mutingati on the Information Society, Cape Town, South Africa

The dialogue will enable women to discuss the challenge of building an inclusive information society, and will take place in preparation for the second phase of World Summit on Information Society (WSIS).

go  31 Aug 2005 - 02 Sep 2005
Government of the Republic of Botswana/IFIP/UNESCO, The second World Information Technology Forum (WITFOR), Gaborone, Botswana


 September 2005 
go  01 Sep 2005 - 02 Sep 2005
UNESCO, Creating the Information Commons for e-Science: Toward Institutional Policies and Guidelines for Action, Paris, France

This international workshop aims to promote development of institutional policies and guidelines for action at the national and international levels for creating the “information commons” for e-science.

go  05 Sep 2005 - 06 Sep 2005
CTO, CTO Forum 2005, Yaounde, Cameroon

The CTO Forum 2005 is open to all stakeholders, and is aimed at bringing together the international community to discuss and find solutions to the challenge of accelerating access to basic communication services to all. It is part of the CTO’s agenda to help bridge the digital divide in its member countries and beyond.

go  12 Sep 2005 - 13 Sep 2005
Council of Europe, Human Rights in the Information Society: Responsible Behaviour by Key Actors, Strasbourg, France

The forum will identify and discuss responsible and irresponsible behaviour by key actors in the Information Society and how states, industry and civil society can work together (inter alia through partnerships, policy making, greater awareness and education) to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights in the Information Society.

go  14 Sep 2005 - 16 Sep 2005
United Nations, Millennium Summit + 5, New York, United States of America

go  WSIS event  19 Sep 2005 - 30 May 2005   WSIS event
WSIS Phase II: Third Meeting of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom-3), Geneva, Switzerland

go  19 Sep 2005 - 20 Sep 2005
CODATA, International CODATA Symposium on Multimedia in Science and Technology MIST 2005, Berlin, Germany

At the CODATA Berlin Symposium “Multimedia. Where Do We Go From Here?” a cadre of experts in multimedia and its applications (e.g., science, libraries, museums) will discuss the promise of multimedia and suggest solutions to its challenges.

go  26 Sep 2005 - 27 Sep 2005
DEFF, Building the Info Grid, Copenhagen, Denmark

go  28 Sep 2005 - 01 Oct 2005
UNESCO, LacFREE 2005, Recife, Brazil

go  28 Sep 2005 - 30 Sep 2005
UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY, Advancing the Effectiveness and Sustainability of Open Education Conference, LOGAN, United States of America

It is a multidisciplinary event designed to promote discussion of research and development activities that advance the effectiveness and sustainability of the open education movement.

go  28 Sep 2005 - 29 Sep 2005
Altedia M&M Conseil, 6th Worldwide Forum on electronic democracy and administration, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

To modernize the public management, to put the user at the center of the concerns of the administration, to promote the use of new technologies in the administration and the relationship with the users: such are the challenges launched by the Governments by developing the electronic administration since the last years.


 October 2005 
go  03 Oct 2005 - 06 May 2005
ITU/Government of Brazil, ITU Telecom America 2005, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

go  03 Oct 2005 - 07 Oct 2005
FUNGLODE, V World Congress of Computer Law, Santo Domingo, Dominica

The V World Congress of Computer Law raises as a Latin American proposal that understands that the development processes of the Information Society have to arise from an analysis of social changes that affect human processes amongst them legal processes, in which a constant revision and update of the referential framework and the frameworks of political action and regulatory, always in search of the maximum use of the TICs for the development.

go  06 Oct 2005 - 07 Oct 2005
CI'NUM/Aquitaine Europe Communication (AEC), Digital Civilizations Forum, Margaux, France

Digital civilisations forums provide an answer to questions on digitalization and globalization by proposing a three-year cycle of reflections between designers of the future and today’s decision makers. The first edition of the forum (Conquests and Conflicts) will propose a joint analysis and a shared observation on 7 - 8 July 2005.


 November 2005 
go  07 Nov 2005 - 08 Nov 2005

The Global Forum offers a platform where personalities in decision-making positions in both big and small IT companies, IT-associations, Local and Regional Authorities and State Governments all over the world meet in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere during two whole days. This permits and facilitates personal contacts with a large number of very important international actors on the IT market.

go  09 Nov 2005 - 11 Nov 2005
city of Bilbao/UNITAR/it4all, 2nd World Summit of Cities and Local Authorities on the Information Society(WSLAIS), Bilbao, Spain

go  09 Nov 2005 - 09 Nov 2005
Hansard Society, e-Democracy '05, London, United Kingdom

go  10 Nov 2005 - 11 Nov 2005
International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), Summit Pre-Conference : Libraries; the Information Society in Action, Alexandria, Egypt

This WSIS pre-conference will present some of the best practices from libraries around the world on the areas of health, education and training, media literacy, preserving of cultural heritage and disaster preparedness.

go  13 Nov 2005 - 15 Nov 2005
International Program Committee, Past, Present, and Future of Research in the Information Society, Tunis, Tunisia

It is a satellite event preceding the second phase of WSIS, with the objective of examining the role of research and the production of knowledge in the information society, with special emphasis on developing areas of the world. Similar two satellite events, namely 'Role of Science in the Information Society' and 'Engineering the Knowledge Society', were held in conjunction with the first phase of WSIS (Geneva) in December 2003.

go  WSIS event  16 Nov 2005 - 18 Nov 2005   WSIS event
WSIS Phase II: World Summit on the Information Society - Tunis Phase, Tunis, Tunisia



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