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Note on accreditation in the WSIS follow-up and implementation process: Please note that the accreditation process for WSIS was closed on 1 August 2005, and there are no further accreditation procedures in the post-WSIS process. The Executive Secretariat is therefore unable to process new accreditation requests. Until further notice, all entities that have a stake in the Information Society may participate in those meetings of the WSIS follow-up and implementation process which are open to all stakeholders. For most meetings, pre-registration will be necessary.

Like all UN Summits, WSIS was basically an intergovernmental process and decisions were taken by States. Ultimately, when it came to voting, only Government delegations could vote. Nevertheless, WSIS also invited participation of all relevant UN bodies and other international organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society and private sector entities to establish a truly multi-stakeholder process.

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