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 ‘Youth Day’ Launched at the World Summit on the Information Society

December 10 to Focus on Youth

Geneva, December 3, 2003 — What is important to young people in the Information Society? How can ICTs be harnessed for development goals? These are the questions that will be answered in a series of workshops, roundtables, media activities and launches on "Youth Day," December 10, 2003.

Coinciding with the International Day of Human Rights celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Youth Day will open with a high-level “Youth, Human Rights and the Information Society” workshop on the use of ICTs for peace-building in post-conflict areas.

Coordinated by the Youth Caucus of the World Summit on the Information Society, Youth Day workshops will cover such diverse themes as e-learning, labour issues, human rights, digital solidarity and cultural diversity. Also featured will be National Information Society Youth Campaigns, the launch of the Youth Creating Digital Opportunities (YCDO) Action Plan, the GKP Youth Awards Panel Showcase and a Youth Caucus Press Conference.

“Youth Day is not simply a series of workshops, but a celebration of the projects and partnerships undertaken over the last two years. It will affirm the central role of youth in the information society, as a driving force behind technological entrepreneurship and innovation,” said Youth Liaison, Alex Fielding.

Youth Day complements an ambitious slate of youth activities at the Summit

  • The focal point of youth activity, the Youth Hub exhibition space will showcase a variety of dynamic projects of the Youth Caucus and the Youth Creating Digital Opportunities (YCDO) Coalition. The presentation area will have scheduled events ranging from book launches to workshops to video screenings, focusing on the 11th of December. It will be located on the “Enhancing Human Capacity and Empowerment Street” of the ICT4D Platform, next to the UNESCO Pavilion.
  • The Youth Media Programme will bring together young journalists from the British Council, OneWorld, and Webtrotteurs des Quartiers to report live at WSIS via print, radio, television and internet media outlets.
  • The National Information Society Youth Campaigns will be highlighted in a workshop, exhibition in Youth Hub, bilateral meetings with respective Heads of State/Delegation, and the screening of a WSIS Youth Video on the campaigns.
  • The Open Space Workshop on Youth Empowerment will discuss in small groups how we act upon the youth paragraph in the Declaration of Principles to “empower youth as learners developers, contributors, entrepreneurs and decision-makers” in the Information Society.
  •  “Young Women and ICT4D,” an interactive roundtable organized by the Youth and Gender Caucus, will highlight strategies for mainstreaming gender perspectives in ICT4D with a focus on young women.
  • The final workshop, WSIS Phase II: The Road to Tunis, will be a look back on Phase I by the Youth Caucus and a look forward to Phase II by a team of Tunisian youth, who will present national level activities and their leading vision for the future. 

Youth (aged roughly 14-28) participating in WSIS are organized as a ‘Caucus.’ The Youth Caucus has been active at in the WSIS Preparatory Process since July 2002 on a policy, project and on-line community level. The Youth Caucus is facilitated by TakingITGlobal as part of the Youth Creating Digital Opportunities (YCDO) initiative.
Contact: Nick Moraitis, Facilitator of the Youth Caucus (, or Alex Fielding, Youth Liaison, WSIS Executive Secretariat, (


December 9

December 10 (Youth Day)

December 11

December 12




Philippines Forum: Youth and ICT4D



Youth Caucus Briefing


Youth Media Orientation Session

“Youth, Human Rights and the Information Society”

Young Canadians:  Leaders in ICT4D

Information Society & Sustainable Development


Open House: Meet the Youth Creating Digital Opportunities (YCDO) Coalition!

TakingITGlobal: Connecting Youth

“Local Voices, Global Visions” National Information Society Youth Campaigns Workshop





Youth Hub Launch/Reception

African Youth Initiative Workshop

Launch of the YCDO    Action Plan

“Young Women in ICT4D” - Youth and Gender Roundtable

WSIS Phase II: The Road to Tunis


Youth ICT Entrepreneurship Discussion

“UN Reform: Changing Global Governance”

E-learning Workshop


WSIS Youth Video


Labour and Youth Panel

Short Film Festival




Open Space Workshop on Youth Empowerment



Press Conference

IICD Presentation: WSIS Learning Circle

GKP Youth Awards Panel Showcase


YOIS Book Launch: “Wh@t’s Next?”






GKP Awards Night Celebration

(by invitation only)


Hall 4 (ICT4D Platform) Youth Hub  Hall 4 – Room 6  Hall 2, Room S Hall 2 – Media Centre 
Hall 4 – GKP Pavillion Hall 4 – Canadian Pavilion  Hall 4 – Room 7 Hall 4 – Room 16 


About Youth Caucus
Participation of youth in WSIS is organized around a "Caucus" with over 1000 members from 150 countries. The Youth Caucus has been very active at all WSIS Preparatory Meetings on the regional, national and international levels. 

National WSIS Youth Campaigns have begun in many countries like Ghana, Brazil, Nigeria, the Philippines and India to initiate local activities and projects around WSIS. At the Summit itself, the Youth Caucus has an ambitious slate of activities including Youth Day, the Youth HUB Exhibition Space at the ICT4D Platform, the YCDO Awards Programme, a Youth Media Programme, and the launch of a publication and video on best practice Youth ICT4D projects. The WSIS Youth Caucus is facilitated by TakingITGlobal, as part of the Youth Creating Digital Opportunity initiative. (

About WSIS:
The World Summit on the Information Society provides a unique opportunity for all key stakeholders to develop a common vision and understanding and to address the whole range of relevant issues related to the Information Society. It aims to bring together Heads of State, Executive Heads of the United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, civil society entities, industry leaders and media representatives to foster a clear statement of political will and concrete plan of action to shape the future of the global information society and to promote the urgently needed access of all countries to information, knowledge and communication technologies for development. 

The Summit has been endorsed by the UN General Assembly and will take place under the high patronage of Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, with the International Telecommunication Union taking the lead role in its preparation. 

The Summit will be held in two phases: Geneva (10-12 December 2003) and Tunisia (16-18 November 2005). (



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