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 Accreditation Procedure


Applying for media accreditation 1

Journalists are requested to complete the entire Accreditation Form individually and return it with a copy of their passport/ID and any of the following documents:

  • letter of accreditation from the Editor-in-Chief (or the News Editor for radio/TV);
  • a photocopy of their national/international press card valid through to the end of the year;
  • a recent copy of the page of the publication (list of credits for TV/radio) which provides the names of regular editorial staff and contributors and which lists the journalist seeking accreditation;
  • copies of recently (within the last 6 months) published articles where the journalist is credited.

Accompanying staff (sound engineers, cameramen, support staff, etc.) should also complete a form and return it with a letter of accreditation from the Editor-in-Chief (or News Editor for radio/TV).

1 Journalists accredited to ITU TELECOM WORLD 2003 need not resubmit their documentation, however, they must still complete the accreditation form and send a copy of their passport/ID.

Who can submit press credentials

Only editorial staff, photographers, TV and radio crews may be accredited. All others, such as management, marketing or advertising executives of newspapers/magazines, researchers, etc. cannot be granted press credentials. ITU accredits those whose principal activity or working experience for the last 12 months has been one of the following and who meet the requirements described below:

  • journalists of newspapers/magazines available to the general public, published at least 6 times a year and which generally carry paid advertising;
  • on-line reporters 2 and freelance journalists;
  • broadcast journalists and their technical support personnel (sound engineers, camera crew, etc.) 
  • independent television crews officially mandated by a broadcast station. 
  • UN Press Corps (with a valid copy of UN press card)
2 On-line reporters
  • original, news-oriented material is generated and on which copyright is held;
  • contents are refreshed regularly and entirely at least every two months, rather than simply updating pages in the same way as a normal website; and,
  • the publication is provided free-of-charge or at a cost that is commensurate with what readers might pay at a newsstand.
Note that we will not accredit personnel from film and video production companies as journalists. If officially mandated by a broadcast station, such personnel must provide a letter of support for this accreditation from the broadcast station which has hired them.

Pre-event accreditation

It is strongly recommended that you register prior to the event in order to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving the badge or in gaining entry to the premises.

Where to send the form

Fax: +41 22 730 5201

The accreditation form is also available here.

How to contact

WSIS Media Office
International Telecommunication Union
Fax: +41 22 730 5201


No press pass will be issued to journalists whose application does not strictly conform to the established procedure.



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