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Interactive Session

Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development:
Monitoring the WSIS Targets

Monday 10 May 2010, 16:00 - 17:30
Room K

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The year 2010 marks the mid-point between the Tunis phase of the WSIS and 2015, the deadline for achieving the WSIS targets, in line with the target date of the MDGs. It is therefore critical to review progress made on the ten WSIS targets, based on measurable indicators. So far, no monitoring mechanism has been established that allows countries to track progress on the targets. Although the Partnership on Measuring ICTs for Development has developed a core list of ICT indicators that are increasingly collected at the national and international level, the WSIS targets are very broad and go beyond the Partnership’s core list. Therefore, an effort has to be made to address measurement issues related to each of the ten WSIS targets, and to help countries monitor them.

In this context, ITU’s World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report (WTDR) 2010 focuses on Monitoring the WSIS Targets. It has been prepared as a collaborative effort with other UN agencies and
WSIS stakeholders. The report identifies a set of measurable indicators for each target and reviews the status of the targets based on available data.

This event presented a brief overview of the WTDR 2010. Then, the main findings were presented for each of the targets, including the indicators proposed for measurement.

As a follow-up to the WTDR 2010 and to this event, ITU proposed that work on measuring the WSIS targets be brought under the umbrella of the Partnership, in a new task group on Measuring the WSIS targets (TG WSIS). The overall objective of the task group is to develop a framework for monitoring the WSIS goals and targets based on internationally defined indicators and standards. The indicators proposed in the WTDR could constitute the starting point for the work of the Task Group, with the objective to further enhance and refine them, and to apply them in the work carried out by individual Partnership/TG members and other stakeholders.

The task group consists of members of the Partnership involved/interested in measuring one or several of the WSIS goals and targets. These include ITU, OECD, UIS (tbc), UNCTAD, UNDESA, UNECA, UNECLAC, UNESCAP and UNESCWA. The TG WSIS is open not only to Partnership members but also to non-members. The participation and input from external collaborators is important as the WSIS targets cover areas of the information society that go beyond the expertise of the Partnership.

In order to accommodate the inputs of a wide range of stakeholders, a discussion forum was set up to facilitate the discussion for different targets. All TG WSIS members are invited to register at and to also encourage other experts and organizations to join the TG forum. It is proposed to start the work by commenting on the indicators proposed in the WTDR for each target.

*English & French interpretation will be made available.

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Opening remarks by the ITU BDT Director

Introductory remarks by the Chair, Torbjörn Fredriksson, Officer-in-Charge, ICT Analysis Section, UNCTAD


Overview of ITU WTDR 2010 on Monitoring the WSIS Targets, Susan Teltscher, Head, Market Information and Statistics Division, ITU


Monitoring the WSIS Targets: proposed indicators and status of achievement

  • Vanessa Gray, ITU

  • Claude Akpabie, UNESCO Institute for Statistics

  • Misha Kay, WHO

  • Seema Hafeez, UNDESA

  • Daniel Pimienta, FUNREDES

  • Mariana Balboni, ECLAC


Follow-up: towards 2015 - Open discussion


Closing remarks by ITU and UNCTAD

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