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ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP are pleased to inform you that the WSIS Forum 2010 will be held from 10 to 14 May 2010, at ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland. This event builds upon the tradition of annual WSIS May meetings, and its new format is a result of the open consultations with all WSIS Stakeholders. The Draft Agenda of the Forum is a result of the Three Step Open Consultation Process on the thematic focus for WSIS Forum 2010. Multiple stakeholders from 48 countries world-wide participated proactively in these consultations.

In order to ensure that all WSIS stakeholders are fully engaged in the preparatory process and do not lose any opportunity to contribute to this important event, the organizers (ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP) are holding an Executive Briefing on the WSIS Forum 2010.

The briefing will provide:

  • a presentation on the format of the forum that includes High Level Debates, Interactive WSIS Action Line Facilitation Meetings, Interactive Sessions, Thematic Workshops, Kick-Off Meetings, Knowledge Exchanges, Publication Releases and an Exhibition to showcase ICT projects.

  • an update on the Agenda of the WSIS Forum 2010 inviting all stakeholders present for final feedback and suggestions.

  • an update on the Registrations received so far for WSIS Forum 2010.

  • a platform for open discussion and further suggestions for WSIS Forum 2010.

Please read the Briefing Note for further information.

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The Executive Briefing took place exactly one month prior to the event.

Date: Friday 9 April 2010
Time: 15:00 16:30
Location: Room C, ITU Headquarters, Geneva
Invitation Letter

We thank all stakeholders for participating in the Executive Briefing on the WSIS Forum 2010. More than 60 representatives participated in the meeting, 10 of which participated remotely. In total 28 Countries participated in the Executive Briefing.

Accompanying Forms
Exhibition  |  Kick-Off Meetings  |  Knowledge Exchanges
Workshops  |  Stocktaking

For further information on the Executive Briefing please contact the WSIS Team at


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