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ID 4587027
Entity Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Entity Type Civil Society : 1
Country Lithuania
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A. Commitment title
Rural Area Interconnection to the Broadband IT Network (RAIN)

B. Description
Objectives of RAIN Project:
1. To improve, in essence, the possibilities for the inhabitants of rural areas to employ ICT for the purposes of education and development of skills, creativity and entrepreneurship.
2. To develop a model for Central and Eastern Europe countries presenting the practical way of involving the rural areas’ inhabitants into modernization of their activities by the use of ICT
Expected Results.
Inhabitants of rural areas will:
- accumulate greater funds of knowledge
- take a more active part in public life
- get more successful results in developing competitive activities
- improve their situation in the areas of social security, health protection, cultural life, public administration.

C. Commitment Announcement
Place and date of official launch:
Vilnius, Lithuania, 2005-09-13

Person or organization making announcement
Information Society Development Committee under the Government of Republic of Lithuania

D. Context
WSIS Declaration of Principles B2) Information and communication infrastructure: an essential foundation for an inclusive information society

E. For more information
Website (URL) :

Other information:

F. Geographical coverage



G. Timescale
2008 : 1

H. Activity type



I. Partnership
Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Transport, 10 Regional and 49 Local Administrations

J. Financial commitment
€10 - €100m : 1


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