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ID 3470374
Entity International Telecommunication Union
Entity Type International Organization : 1
Country International
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A. Commitment title

B. Description
The objective of this commitment is to explore opportunities to foster a non-exclusive partnership program between the ITU and Children helpline International (CHI) to build A Global Network of Helplines for Children and Youth.

The Parties will explore opportunities to build a cooperative working relationship, and to identify areas, in order to:
- Work towards ensuring ICT access for children and youth, through a multilingual and global portal;
- Enhance mutual support and collaboration between ITU and CHI through actions/projects and programmes with emphasis on promoting ICT's and capacity building;
- Integrate children and youth, especially those who are marginalized;
- Ensure that every country provides a toll-free telephone helpline and other innovative technologies e.g. sms, Internet e-mail, mobile phones (wireless networks) for all children and youth

The main objectives of the commitment will be:
- To facilitate the establishment and scale-up of toll free telephone helplines throughout the world based on its experience thus far in more than 70 countries:
- To provide technical support to countries in setting up and scaling-up of their toll-free telephone helplines;
- To ensure implementation of helplines based on principals standards and practices and to share experiences thus far with other networks;
- To provide statistics on the profile of callers and the nature of interventions;
- To facilitate the connectivity of children and youth in need of care and protection, especially those that are marginalized through the internet and via the global portal for children and youth;
- To coordinate and share experiences with children and youth networks and to coordinate a unified global voice for all children.

C. Commitment Announcement
Place and date of official launch:
WSIS-2nd phase,
Tunis, November 2005

Person or organization making announcement

D. Context
This commitment is aligned, responds and takes into account:
- The ITU/BDT Resolution 38 of the last ITU/WTDC-02 that request to seek appropriate means of integrating youth issues into the activities of BDT with emphasis on capacity building and education aiming to support young people, mainly from developing countries and those in transition to increase their knowledge of information and communication technologies.

- The Geneva Plan of Action (C2-9f), which encourages the support of “ICT equipment and services so that everyone, has easy and affordable access especially marginalized children, and other disadvantaged and vulnerable groups”.

- Tunis Commitment’s Articles 24 and 25 that request special attention to the children and youth and state to:
• recognize the role of ICTs in the protection of children and in enhancing the development of children;
• strengthen actions to protect children from abuse and defend their rights in the context of ICTs.
• empower young people as key contributors to building an inclusive Information Society;
• engage youth in innovative ICT-based development programmes and widen opportunities for youth.

- Tunis Agenda, Point 25, that encourages to make available children helplines.

E. For more information
Website (URL) :

Other information:

F. Geographical coverage



G. Timescale
2008 : 1

H. Activity type



I. Partnership
Child Helpline International (CHI)
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Ministry of Economic Affairs - The Netherlands

J. Financial commitment
Less than €100’000 : 1


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