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Documents of the UN General Assembly and of ECOSOC


go  Development and international cooperation in the twenty-first century: the role of information technology in the context of a knowledge-based global economy, Report of the Secretary-General, 18 May 2000.

go  Main website of the ECOSOC High-Level Segment 5-7 July 2000, Theme: Information Technology for the World.

go  Report of the Secretary-General, 2 May 2001. The role of the United Nations in promoting development, particularly with respect to access to and transfer of knowledge and technology, especially information and communication technologies, inter alia, through partnerships with relevant stakeholders, including the private sector.

go  Road map towards the implementation of the United Nations Millenium Declaration.

go  The United Nations and the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs): a Core Strategy. See also the Millennium Development Indicators web site and the detailled website of the World Bank on the Millennium Development Goals.

go  United Nations Millennium Declaration.



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