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Access (for disabled people)


go  A flow of words for the physically challenged, posted by Taran Ramprasad on

go  Dive Into Accessibility, disability webpage.

go  FULL COVERAGE: Disabilities and the Disabled.

go  GKP Partners newsletter special theme: Overcoming Disabilities with ICT. On the newsletter page, click "September 2002".

go  Information Technology and Disabilities Vol. IX No. 1, October 2003. This special issue theme addresses the public policy aspects relating to the emerging civil right of access to information.

go  Liberation Technology, by Prof. Norman Coombs. Western Civilization has had a centuries' long romance with technology and has often worshipped it as the "savior of mankind".

go  Links to other disability ressources.

go  The DAISY Consortium website.

The vision of the DAISY Consortium is that all published information is available to people with print disabilities, at the same time and at no greater cost, in an accessible, feature-rich, navigable format. Its mission is to to develop the International Standard and implementation strategies for the production, exchange, and use of Digital Talking Books in both developed and developing countries, with special attention to integration with mainstream technology, to ensure access to information for people with print disabilities. The acronym stands for Digital Accessible Information SYstem. DAISY is a globally recognized technical standard to facilitate the creation of accessible content. The standard was originally developed to benefit people who are unable to read print due to a disability, but it also has broad applications for improved access to text in the mainstream.

go  The Use of ICT to Support Independent Living of Older and Disabled People.



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