World Summit on the Information Society



Date:14 June 2005

WSIS Executive Secretariat

Tunis phase of WSIS, PrepCom-3, 19-30 September 2005, Geneva



1 Venue
The third meeting of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom-3) of the Tunis phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will be held at the Palais des Nations, “Salle de l’Assemblée”1 , 3rd floor, building A, Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, from 19-30 September 2005.


2 Participation
The WSIS PrepCom-3 meeting is open to:

  1. Representatives of States;

  2. Observers representatives of:

  • Entities and organizations having received a standing invitation to participate as observers in the sessions and work of the United Nations General Assembly;
  • UN specialized agencies and other invited intergovernmental organizations;
  • UN Secretariat and organs;
  • Associate Members of Regional Commissions;
  • Accredited NGOs and civil society entities ;
  • Accredited business sector entities (including ITU Sector Members).

Accredited media and press representatives will also have access to the premises.

3 Accreditation process for non-governmental organizations, civil society and business sector entities
Information concerning the accreditation arrangements for participation of non-governmental organizations, civil society and business entities is available on the WSIS website at:
Deadline for accreditation requests for PrepCom-3 and the Tunis Summit is 8 August 2005.

4 Fellowships for LDC participants and civil society representatives
At PrepCom-3, a limited number of fellowships will be available to government representatives from developing countries (with special emphasis on least developed countries, LDCs) as well as for representatives from civil society. Information concerning the conditions and procedures for these fellowships is available on the WSIS website at:

5 Press
Media accreditation to the WSIS PrepCom-3 meeting is required in order to obtain a media badge and thereby gain admission to the meeting. Media accreditation will open on 15 July 2005. The procedure and form will be available at  More media information on the meeting will be available from mid-August at the same address.

Media badges for PrepCom-3 will be available from Thursday, 15 September 2005 (opening hours: 0830-1200 &1330-1700) at the WSIS Media accreditation desk of the Montbrillant Building of ITU Headquarters2. Please note that the confirmation letter sent upon acceptance of media accreditation should be presented at the desk together with one form of photo identification, in order to receive a WSIS Media badge.

6 Provisional timetable
The provisional timetable of PrepCom-3 will be published in due course on the WSIS website at:

7 Working hours
Working hours are as follows: 19-30 September: 10:00-13:00 & 15:00-18:00 hours.

8 Swiss entry visas
Participants requiring a visa in order to enter Switzerland are reminded that they must obtain the visa before traveling to Switzerland. Persons from countries in which Switzerland is not represented (by an Embassy or Consulate) must obtain their visas in a third country.

The Swiss authorities have introduced new measures concerning visas. Visas are no longer issued at the airport, other than in exceptional circumstances to persons from countries in which Switzerland has no representation (Embassy or Consulate), and then solely on presentation of documentary evidence, such as a mission order from their administration or an official letter of invitation, to the effect that the person concerned is attending a meeting organized under the auspices of ITU.

Visa support
The ITU Secretariat can provide administrative support for participants who have difficulty in obtaining a visa. An official request signed by the responsible person of the entity to be represented should be submitted to the ITU Secretariat (fax No. +41 22 730 6443) providing applicant details as follows:

  • PrepCom-3 ID Number
  • First name, Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number, date of issue, date of expiry

Requests must be submitted on official headed paper, must be signed and stamped by the entity to be represented, and must be accompanied by a copy of the national passport of the applicant. Your request will be processed subject to receipt of the above-mentioned information at least 15 days before departure.

Neither ITU nor the WSIS Executive Secretariat can intervene to assist with requests to have entry visas to Switzerland issued at the airport.

9 Registration
Pre-registration is strongly advised in order to avoid delays upon arrival at the meeting.

Advance registration
Registration for PrepCom-3 will begin on 15 August 2005. Participants should be registered on-line at by Designated Focal Points for participation in the WSIS preparatory process and the Summit. The username and password required to access the on-line system and which was provided to the Designated Focal Point of your Government, organization or entity, for PrepCom-2 is still valid for PrepCom-3.

On-site registration and badging
The registration and badging desk will be located at the ITU Montbrillant building and will be open at the following times:

Thursday, 15 and Friday, 16 September 2005
Monday-Friday, 19-23 and 26-30 September 2005 - 0830 to 1200 and 1330 to 1700 hours

Pre-registered persons are requested to proceed to the registration desk and present an official identity document (e.g. passport or national identity card) to obtain their badge.

Persons who have not registered before the event should proceed to the registration desk where they will be required to produce documentary evidence attesting to their employer (name of Administration or provisionally accredited entity/organization they are representing and its address) in order to obtain their badge. A special registration desk will be reserved for accredited media representatives (please refer to section 5).

There is no registration fee for PrepCom-3. Airfare, hotel and miscellaneous expenses shall be borne by the participant.

Access to UNOG (Palais des Nations)3
All participants need an official badge and personal identity document with photo to enter the Palais des Nations.

Participants without hand luggage may access the building through the Place des Nations and Pregny gates. Participants carrying hand luggage (briefcases, laptops) may access the building through the Pregny gate only. Suitcases are not permitted.

10 Documentation
Official documents for PrepCom-3 will be available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

All delegates to WSIS-II/PrepCom-3 will receive a set of official documents upon registration at the Montbrillant building (ITU). Official and administrative documents will be available in 6 (EFSACR) and 3 (EFS) working languages, respectively. Subsequent documentation will be made available in the meeting room(s). All official documents will be posted on the WSIS-II/PrepCom-3 website.

11 Interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation will be available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish in the plenary and sub-committee meetings. Interpretation in French, English and Spanish is available for major civil society meetings.

12 Seating arrangements
Seating will follow the UN practice. Each State will have two seats at table and two seats behind in the plenary hall of the meeting. Observers will have one seat each. Additional free seating will be available at the back of the room and on the balcony. Seating in the plenary and other meeting room(s) will be in the English alphabetical order.

13 Parallel events
Parallel events at PrepCom-3 can be organized by Governments, International Organizations and accredited civil society and business entities. These events should focus on Prepcom-3 and/or WSIS issues in general. For each event the organizer should complete the request form for room reservation (see section 14).

Participants to parallel events need a badge to enter the Palais des Nations. Participants who are not from an accredited entity (e.g. guest speakers) must be registered, preferably in advance and on-line, by the Designated Focal Point of the event organizer, in order to obtain a WSIS badge and have access to the Palais des Nations.

For detailed information on registration and access to the Palais des Nations in Geneva (UNOG), refer to section 9.

The list of the parallel events of PrepCom-3 will be made available on the WSIS website.

14 Meeting room reservations
If you wish to reserve a room in the Palais des Nations for a parallel event or meeting, please fill in the request form (|0) and send it to: or fax number + 41 22 730 63 93 (before 15 September 2005). Requests will be processed on a “first come, first serve” basis.

15 Cloakroom facility
A self-service cloakroom is available in Hall 13/15 of the Palais de Nations. The area is not monitored and neither the UN, the ITU nor the WSIS Executive Secretariat can be held responsible for any loss or theft, which may occur.

16 Hotel room reservations
Participants are expected to make their own accommodation arrangements. A list of hotels in Geneva and the surrounding area that accord special rates to participants of UN meetings is available at the WSIS website at:

17 Climate
The climate in Geneva in September is moderate, with daytime temperatures averaging 15 – 23º C.

18 Electrical appliances
The electrical current in Switzerland is 220 V/50 Hz.

19 Public transport
To call a taxi, dial 022 33 141 33. Buses 5, 8, 11, 14, 18, 28, F, V and Z stop at Place des Nations, as well as trams 13 and 15. Tickets must be bought at the bus and tram stops (correct change only) before boarding the bus or tram. A standard ticket for the Geneva city area costs 3.00 Swiss francs. Weekly passes valid for buses, trams, boat taxis (mouettes) and regional trains are available. Buses 18 and 28 connect to the airport from the Place des Nations. For more information, see:

Trains are available from Cornavin station, connected by buses 5, 11, 8, F, V and Z as well as Trams 13 and 15. The closest train station is Sécheron, next to WMO and Jardin Botanique from where Regional trains run to Cornavin and Nyon. For more information:

20 Parking
Parking restrictions are in force in the streets adjacent to the Palais des Nations. To avoid fines, participants are advised to respect these restrictions, particularly in the area adjacent to the Palais des Nations main entrance. Limited parking facilities will be made available in the surrounding area and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

21 Banking
Two UBS banks are located in the Palais des Nations: 1) door 6, building S: open from Monday to Friday 8.30-16.30; 2) door 41, building E, open: 8.30-2.30 and 13.30-16.30. For the location, see:

22 Post office
The post office is located at Door 6, building S. Only UN stamps may be used here. Opening hours: 8.30-17.00. For the location, see:

23 Cafés and Restaurants
For information on the location of the cafes, bars and restaurants in the Palais des Nations, see:

1: For information on entering the Palais des Nations and the location of the “Salle de l’Assemblée”, see: Note: Participants carrying baggage must enter the Palais des Nations through the Pregny Gate entrance.

2: For the location of the ITU Montbrillant building, see:

3: For PC-3 access map, see: