Prep-Com 2 on the issue of the Preliminary Report on Internet Governance by the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)

24 February 2005


Thank you, Mr President for giving me the floor.

Malaysia would like to express its thanks to the WGIG for the Preliminary Report on the work that it has done thus far.

We appreciate that the issues facing the WGIG are very complex and welcome the progress.

We also value the approach undertaken by the WGIG which is based on an open, transparent and multistakeholder approach and Malaysia is also encouraged on the next steps the WGIG wants to undertake which is to assess the adequacy of present intergovernmental arrangements and to develop a more detailed common understanding of respective roles of all actors.

Malaysia encourages the WGIG to continue with its work and looks forward to receiving the final report before PrepCom-3.

Thank you Mr Chairman, for giving me the opportunity to take the floor.

Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi

Head of Delegation,


24 February 2005, 11.30am